Is Your Driveway Ruining Your Home’s Foundation? Leaks Can Cost Thousands

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While many American homeowners are very enthusiastic about redecorating and renovating the interiors of their homes, they may not realize that for a few thousand dollars, they can make a solid investment by redoing and upgrading the outside of their homes, specifically their driveways. The average cost of a new driveway falls between about $2,000 and $5,000 and new driveways in general can add considerable value to the resale value of any home.

Concrete driveway contractors do recommend checking the age of a home’s driveway: after about 20 years, most driveways could benefit from a complete redo. A full concrete driveway installation done with “concrete pavers,” a series of interlocking concrete blocks, may last up to 50 years, but may not be the best choice for every home. Concrete experts may be able to assess the needs of a home’s driveway on a case-by-case basis and recommend the concrete projects that would best address the homes’ needs.

Concrete outdoor surfaces, the experts say, are best installed in warmer weather over a damp surface. Industry experts tend to use up to a foot of compacted material underneath the surface, often crushed limestone or granite, along with up to one inch of sand to help the concrete or asphalt settle into its new location. Most concrete driveway contractors will also make sure that the new driveway is built at such an angle as to allow for effective water drainage.

Water damage has the potential to break apart concrete and asphalt driveways; new driveways must take the location of the home into account, along with any potential severe weather that the driveway may be exposed to throughout the year. A homeowner may innocently use salt to clear a driveway of ice, not realizing that when the salt melts the ice, it can combine into a slurry that can do lasting damage to a concrete driveway.

Many homeowners are choosing to upgrade their existing concrete driveways, reasoning that with the proper care, a solid and attractive concrete or asphalt driveway can be a solid financial investment that will last for many years.

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