Are You Properly Maintaining Your Heating and Cooling System?

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Having the proper system for heating and cooling in St. Louis and other midwestern cities has never been so important. Record temperatures during the last few winters and summers have made it imperative to have the best heating and cooling systems to keep your family not only comfortable, but safe. Record cold temperatures and snowfall have made the winter months very dangerous for anyone without adequate heat. Whether you are trying to keep your family safe during a heat advisory in Omaha, or a cold advisory in Kansas City, heating and cooling companies are often your best defense against the elements.
Heating and cooling in St. Louis has been extremely challenging when you realize the temperature records that have been shattered in the last 35 years:

  • In 1980 the temperature reached 107 on July 15. In that year the city recorded 18 days of highs of 100 or worse, and 153 deaths were blamed on the heat.
  • In 2011 the first 100-degree day was on July 11. Following that there were 15 days at or above 100 degrees, causing 19 heat-related deaths. The high was 104 on Sept. 3. During this summer St. Louis recorded five consecutive days at or above 100 degrees
  • The winter of 2013-2014 was recorded as one of the coldest on record in both Missouri and Illinois. A series of arctic outbreaks pushed the Midwest into record cold territory. In addition, frequent cold and storms lead to above normal snowfall in the St. Louis metro area.
  • During the summer of 2014 St. Louis city officials issued several heat advisories. The advisory urged people to check on family and neighbors who are vulnerable to the heat.
  • Temperature data from across the state showed Missouri finished the December 2013 to February 2014 period 4.6°F below normal. This was the tenth coldest on record, and coldest since 1979.

The American HVAC industry is worth approximately $71 billion dollars. This U.S. industry employs 301,123 people in its 85,469 HVAC businesses. Fueled in part by the heating and cooling in St. Louis and other midwestern areas, this industry has seen incredible growth in the last few years. In fact, from 2009 to 2014, it grew by an estimated 4.1% annually.
Proper heating and cooling in St. Louis is a necessity. Heating and cooling repair and other heating and cooling services are your family’s best defense against the temperature extremes of cold winters and hot summers. What are you doing to make sure that your system is prepared for the upcoming season? If you have not had a service check in the last six months, it is time for you to schedule an appointment so that your home can protect your family from the elements.

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