Are Your Business Doors Properly Installed?


Proper door installation is important to any commercial business. One preschool day care center in Omaha, Nebraska, was prevented from fully opening until it received and installed two special doors for their storm children. These two doors which were approved and mandated by FEMA cost several thousand dollars each. Until they were installed the center’s storm shelter could not be officially approved and the business had to operate far below capacity, only caring for 15 children. It wasn’t until the solid core doors were installed that the commercial business could open fully and begin working toward their 170 student capacity.
While not all doors can prevent your business from opening, properly installing a door can protect your company in many ways. For example, a properly hung outside door can keep your company safe from the elements. With a proper seal, an outside door is your company’s first defense agains the hottest of summer days, as well as the coldest of winter days. If the doors of your business are old and not fitting correctly, you can be losing expensive utility dollars to the outside elements. A commercial replacement door will save you unnecessary heating and cooling costs.
In addition to protecting your business from the weather, correctly installing a door to all of your outside exits will also protect you from predators. Did you know that in 10% or more of homes, deadbolts are improperly installed? This improper installation of a door and its deadbolt and other safety locks makes your business and its employees susceptible to burglary and theft. An incorrectly installed door allows thieves to easily get inside your home or business.
Installing a door that has commercial door locks can also protect your business from disgruntled former employers. With a numbered safety keypad, or a door lock that releases to a card identification system, your business can change the code needed for admittance whenever it is necessary. Many public and private schools now have doors that are always locked. District personnel with current badges can gain access and enter these buildings at any time, but others are monitored by cameras and have to be allowed access.
In some cases, the safety of a door depends on controlling keys. This is why many commercial locksmiths advise closely controlling any keys duplicated for commercial use. According to the latest FBI data, 1.9 million burglaries occurred in America in the year 2013. These break-ins resulted in $4.5 billion in property loss. Of all the burglaries in 2013, over half, in fact, 59%, were the result of forced entry. What is your business doing to prevent this kind of damage and theft?

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