Apply That Green Thumb To Your Wallet, Not Just Your Yard

Residential landscaping ideas

If you’re looking for an easy way to up your home or business’s value, consider investing in a good residential landscaping or commercial landscaping design. For homes, good landscaping can boost a home’s value anywhere from 7 to 15%. For commercial purposes, good landscaping can give your business a polished or welcoming air to invite customers in or make them feel more at ease with their surroundings. Indeed, Money Magazine reports that good landscaping can bring in as much as 100 to 200% in recovery value when it comes to selling time. It’s a fairly cost efficient and beautiful way to make any property look better and more sophisticated.
What Does Landscaping Generally Entail?
Landscaping can refer to a number of different things — as in-depth as you’d like to get, or as casual as you’d like it to be. For example, landscaping can refer to general upkeep like mowing grass, raking, trimming hedges or bushes, watering plants, to more creative sculpting, like laying sod, planting flowers or other fauna, fertilizing the plants, digging spots, or installing sprinklers or wall units. In many cases, it might be prudent to have a landscape company come in and do some design work — especially for commercial landscaping design, where you want everything to be picture perfect. Either way, investing in landscape design can mean beautiful changes for your company or home.
Why Hire A Landscaping Service In The First Place?
A landscape designer will know how to choose plants according to how much sun they should receive. You want your plants to thrive and grow, not burn to a crisp or wither! They can also add some practical uses, not just aesthetic! Strategically placed plants and trees can reduce noise and heating or cooling costs. For example, it’s been proven that trees can cut irritating noise in half and replace unwanted noise like traffic with a more pleasant sound — like wind rushing melodically through the tree branches. In addition, the right landscaping design can cut down on the cost of air conditioning dramatically — up to 50%! It does this by providing shade for the windows and wall of a home or commercial building. Lastly, with the right landscaping that’s strategically chosen, placed, and kept up, good landscaping can offer wind protection to lower heating costs in the colder weather. Going a little greener has never felt better.
Bonus Resale Value!
If you’re considering selling your home in the near future, it might be worth your while to see what a bit of landscaping can do for you. If you live on a block with neighbors who value what their yards look like, a whole landscaped curb can boost your home value by almost four and a half percent, while adding hedges can bump you up to almost 4%! Additionally, spending 5% of your home value on landscaping can get you up to 15% in an increased resale value. Incredible!
Consider talking to a residential landscaping
company or a company that offers commercial landscaping design consultation to see how you can improve your home or business’s value today!

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