HVAC Services Help Maintain the Life of Your Heating and Cooling Unit

Perhaps you aren’t looking for someone to handle AC repair jobs. Instead, you need your HVAC system replaced or you’re building a new home and need AC and heating installation. Typically, you can find heating and air professionals that do both.

Most professional HVAC companies provide repair, installation, and maintenance services. When you need to get a new HVAC system, you should interview each potential company first. You might be tempted to search for “AC heating and cooling near me” and pick the top result, but you should ask each company the following items to determine who would do the best job.

– What is your experience installing HVAC systems?
– Do you obtain any permits needed?
– Does a full inspection of all ductwork and the HVAC system come with the installation?
– Do you calculate the sizing and load requirements in line with Manual J guidelines?
– Can you provide proof of licensing and insurance?
– Will you provide me with a written bid I can keep?
– Do you submit the warranty and rebate information for me?
– What brands of AC heating and cooling unit systems do you offer or install?

Few things are more integral to the function of your house than its heating and air conditioning system. It allows your home and your family to stay warm and comfortable in the winter and cool and relaxed in the summer. In some parts of the country, weather is so extreme that the system heating and cooling the home keeps your family safe.

Air conditioning service contractor

Because of its importance to the comfort and health of your family, it only makes good sense to work with a HVAC service to properly maintain your home’s heating and cooling system. Air conditioners cost U.S. homeowners more than $11 billion a year, and regular maintenance can keep your air conditioner and heating system running efficiently. since two-thirds of all homes in the United States have air conditioners, many companies provide heating and air conditioning installation, repair and service.

A HVAC service company can provide you with yearly maintenance so that your units are working when you need them most. Most service contracts include two check ups a year–one in the early spring before your air conditioning unit will need to be running on a daily basis in the summer, and again in the fall before your heating unit will be needed to keep your home warm in the winter. Scheduled maintenance can help you avoid costly emergencies.

In addition to the twice yearly check ups, many service contract also include free service calls throughout the year. While the service contract will not cover the cost of replacement parts, they often cover some or part of the labor charges. A quality HVAC contractor can also advise you on decisions about the future of your home’s heating and cooling system. For example, did you know that replacing dirty, clogged air filters with clean ones can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption anywhere from 5% to 15%? Besides giving you maintenance tips that you can perform yourself, a heating and cooling specialist can also check for other warning signs of a future problem. For instance, up to 40% of cooling energy can be lost due to leaks or uninsulated ducts passing through uncooled spaces such as attics. Complete inspections can help you look for ways to make sure you are being as energy efficient as possible.

A HVAC service is especially helpful if you find yourself in the position of needing to replace the heating and air conditioning unit in your home. If your HVAC equipment is more than 10 years old, or it is not keeping your house comfortable, have it evaluated by a professional HVAC contractor. They might suggest an upgrade. Switching to high-efficiency air conditioners, for example, and taking other actions to keep your home cool could reduce energy use for air conditioning by 20% to 50%.

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