The Greatest Things About Having Carpets

Installing linoleum flooring

When considering all the floor options for your home, don’t sell yourself short! Covering almost 70% of American floors, carpeting is the popular choice to make your house feel like a home. Here are some of the best things about carpets that’ll have you buying carpet like it’s going out of style:

They’re amazingly comfortable – Choosing carpet installation for your home is a commitment to comfort. Carpets can make any room feel soft and cozy, and can even help you save on your heating bill in the winter! (Carpets make great insulation.) If you have small children in your home, carpet is also the best choice for making sure that they’re safe while they play, and can stomp around on the soft, plush carpeting!

They’re easier than ever to care for – Thanks to all the revolutionary advancements in cleaning products in the last few decades, carpets are soft, cozy, AND easy to clean. Almost 99% of all carpet stains can be cleaned within a few days of the spill. That means that you can have your red wine and drink it too, all with the luxury of soft, fluffy carpet under your feet.

They’re long-lasting – Durable and comfortable, carpet really has it all. You’ll basically never have to worry about new flooring options ever again! With proper care and minimal traffic, your carpets can last up to 30 years! Imagine being able to raise a family in your perfect, comfortably carpeted home. What a dream come true!

No matter what kind of carpet you’re looking for, you can bet that you’ll find one that meets all your needs. Whether it’s comfort, durability, or design, there’s always a rug that works for you. (Though, if anyone asks, if it’s more than 40 square feet, it’s not a rug. Don’t say I never taught you anything!)

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