Patios and Grills Add Fun and Value to Every Home

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If you’re looking for a home improvement project, you can’t go wrong by adding a patio.  In fact, they can add 72% to the value of your home.  They come in all colors, shapes and designs so yours can reflect your or your family’s personality perfectly.  They make living in the suburbs feel like utopia.  If you aren’t sure where to get what you need, there are suburban lawn and equipment stores everywhere.

What About A Grill or Outdoor Fireplace?

Americans love to cook outside.  If you head to a suburban lawn and equipment store you’ll see tons of stuff for outdoor cooking.  More than 50% say they do it all year round and 63% do it every month.  And most feel is it a very important part of entertaining — nearly 78% of people who own smokers or grills entertain their guests this way.  What do Americans like to grill?  Not surprisingly, most (96%) prefer grilling burgers.  And the majority of the burgers (93%) are beef but some enjoy turkey (14%) or veggies (6%).

Grills and outdoor fireplaces can be customized for your tastes and preferences. Stone, stucco, brick and tile are popular materials to use.  What time of grill is a decision you’ll have to make.  Do you want to go with propane? Natural gas? Charcoal? A propane grill uses a tank making it portable.  Charcoal grills offer the same feature but if you opt for natural gas, you will have to select your location because it needs a line that will attach to your home.  If you need help deciding what design is for you, head over to your local suburban lawn and equipment outlet and someone will be happy to walk you through the pros and cons of all options.

What About Furnishings?

That same suburban lawn and equipment store also has some great options for outdoor patio furniture.  The outdoor furniture market makes for big business and should exceed $4.4 billion by the end of 2015.

Buying outdoor furniture is a little different from buying things for inside the home.  Even if you purchase covers, you need to have storage space somewhere for when really bad weather hits.

There are many choices for materials, styles, looks and colors.  Head over to a furniture store that specializes in patio furniture and get some ideas there.  What are you going to use your patio for the most?  If you’re thinking about doing a lot of grilling, you’ll probably want and outdoor table and chairs for dining.

One environmentally friendly option that has been gaining in popularity is wicker.  Strips of flexible willow, bamboo, rattan or reeds are weaved together to make Wicker.  Synthetic products such as polyethylene fiber can also be used and when they are it is called resin wicker.  Wicker furniture has been used since

Patios with outdoor fireplaces or grills really add another room to your house and can increase your enjoyment of your home.  Think about what you like and how you see yourself using the space.  Talk it over with the people at the suburban lawn and furniture store.  You’ll see the possibilities are as large as your imagination.

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