9 Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioner In Mint Condition

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Maintaining your home air conditioning systems is absolutely essential to their efficiency and your safety. In one year, improperly functioning air conditioners and fans were responsible for about 7,400 home fires that regular maintenance could have prevented. An estimated 87% of homes in the U.S. have A/C equipment and air conditioners use around 5% of the total electricity consumed by U.S. buildings. Here is a handy guide to home heating and cooling maintenance.

How to maintain your air conditioner


  • Dirty filters will ruin the efficiency of your A/C unit, reducing it by about 10%
  • A clogged filter will stop air from getting into the unit, forcing the air around the filter to the evaporator coil, further reducing the unit’s ability to absorb heat.
  • Homeowners with central home air conditioning systems should look for the filter around the return duct- common places being in walls, ceilings, furnaces, or in the unit itself. Check the manufacturer’s booklet if you can’t find it.
  • If you have a window unit, the filter is generally found behind the panel facing the room.
  • For your A/C maintenance schedule, it is recommended that you clean or replace filters every month or two during the summer season, more if your home is very dusty or you have a pet that sheds.


  • Evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt over time whether the filter is clean or not.
  • It is recommended you clean your evaporator coil once a year.
  • For central home air conditioning systems it is recommended that you keep the area around the condenser unit free of foliage and leaves.
  • The aluminum fins around your coils are fragile and easily damaged. Buying an item called a “fin comb” from your local heating and air company will return them to good condition.

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