5 Popular Window Treatments for Summer

Are you looking for help with simple renovation work in your basement area? Do you want to learn more about custom blind and shade options that can help you make your basement area more usable? Do you want to learn more about how the right basement shades can make your basement living space easier to use and enjoy? For all of your blinds and shades needed, you should reach out to your local home d├ęcor professional and let them walk you through the options available and help you find the look that is just right for your basement space.

You can find a host of styles, colors, materials, looks, and designs for a basement window blind, so matter what you are wanting or need, chances are you can find what you need. Working with a professional interior design professional makes it easier, and they can also provide valuable insight into what choice might be best for your specific situation. They can share with you new basement window blinds ideas ad also help you make use of other options such as bathroom blind ideas that can easily be tweaked to work for the basement area of your home as well!

Window valances

The summer months can be brutal for a home. The heat outside forces homeowners to rely on air conditioning to keep their home cool, and the sun streaming in can warp furniture and fade the colors in the house. Without investing in window treatments, half of your heating and cooling energy is lost through the windows. Homeowners can easily save that energy and therefore money by investing in window treatments throughout their home. Take a look at a few options for treatments, and choose the one that fits!


Shades are an easy and affordable way to protect your home. They can easily be found in hardware stores, as well as many other outlets. The benefit of shades is their cost effectiveness– they may be less durable long-term than other treatments, but they are easily replaceable.


Curtains offer durable protection without a heavy look. You could purchase blackout curtains for a TV room, or light and airy curtains for a kitchen; curtains come in tons of colors and styles, so they’ll fit in anywhere! Curtains can also deflect UV rays and unwanted noise in a living space.


Drapes are heavier and more textured, but they can be an ideal way to decorate a den while having a purpose. They are durable, and like curtains, they come in numerous styles and colors. They’re a wonderful way to cozy up a room and keep it cool.


Duettes are not widely-known, but they are moveable panels which can help you manage the temperature in a room. They move vertically up and down a track, so you can move them with the sun throughout the day!

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds give you a sleek and polished look, while allowing you to control the amount of light– and therefore heat– in a room. They’re one of the most beautiful ways to control the climate of a room.

Will you be investing in any of these? Which one(s) and why? Let us know in the comments!

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