You’ll Never Guess what Prospective Home Buyers are Looking For

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Home buyers want all kinds of things: granite counter tops, wood floors, plush carpet, a great location. As a home owner who is trying to sell, the messages can get mixed and overwhelming. When all else fails, go back to the data. Here are the hard and fast numbers about what prospective home buyers are looking for.

Single Story
When you are considering dormer additions, scratch the second floor! About 57% of possible buyers report that they prefer a one story home while 31% say that they want two stories. The dormer additions that just might pay off? A two-car garage. About 53% of people say that this amenity is on their wish list.

Full Bathrooms
A half bath is just not going to cut it. People don’t just want a toilet, they want somewhere guests can shower or where they can bath the dog. Even on the main floor, most people say that a full bath is a necessity. The easiest way to achieve bathroom improvement is to add a shower to a bathroom space.

Fancy Kitchen
kitchen remodeling projects have an ROI of about 81.8%. Kitchen design is best when kept plain, so that the design fits all buyers. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. A walk-in pantry, a double sink, and a space for eating are considered crucial by 84% of people. Quality home improvement takes into the account the way people live in a space. Kitchens often see more traffic than living rooms and should really be paid attention to.

Go forth and choose the right home additions and remodeling projects for your budget. But keep in mind what the buyer really wants.

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