Three Ways You Can Make Your Air Conditioning More Eco-Friendly

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Air conditioning is one of the most universal amenities we have today; in fact, approximately two out of every three homes in America has an air conditioning system.

However, with concerns over global climate change increasing, it’s important to note that most air conditioning systems can have an adverse impact on the environment and encourage climate change.

And while air conditioners have become much more eco-friendly in recent years, especially with the continued phasing out of Freon, a refrigerant notorious for its contributions to ozone depletion, there are still many ways you can reduce the environmental impact of your home’s air conditioning system. Here are three things you can do to keep your home cool without harming the planet:

Use fans

It might seem pointless to turn on fans within your house if you already have an air conditioner; however, fans help circulate air throughout your home, requiring your air conditioner to do less work. In addition to saving money on your monthly utilities, you’ll be reducing your household energy consumption and have a smaller footprint on the environment.

Keep your air conditioning system maintained

Perhaps the best way to prevent your air conditioner from leaking hazardous chemicals into the environment is to regularly hire an AC contractor to inspect your air conditioning system and to make any necessary repairs. Additionally, replace your air filters once every three to six months to improve air quality and prevent your air conditioner from overworking itself. Just the simple act of replacing your dirty air filters with new ones can cut your energy use by 5 to 15%!

Invest in more eco-friendly technology

As technologies have improved throughout recent years, the number of alternative air conditioning systems that rely on renewable sources energy has gone up as well. From heat pumps to radiant cooling systems, there are plenty of ways to cool your home without requiring much energy at all.

Have any other questions for us about how to hire an AC contractor for various air conditioning services that will make your air conditioner more eco-friendly? Feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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