Three of the Weirdest Ways Wooden Fences Have Gotten Wrecked

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Most homeowners know that the ice, sleet, snow, slush, hail, and all forms of precipitation, really, are the natural enemies to residential fencing, but they’re not the only things that can destroy house fences. In fact, you might actually be surprised at a few things that can — and have — wrecked homeowners’ outdoor fences. Here are just a few of the most shocking ways homeowners have found their security fences destroyed.

A Tank.

Recently, an elderly couple in Germany found that a British tank had plowed through their wooden fences. According to reports, the tank malfunctioned, causing it to veer off the road and through the couple’s wooden fences. Fortunately, it stopped just before charging into the couple’s home, and no one was hurt (unless you count the shrub it crushed and the wooden fences).

A Burglar.

Last March, a 34-year-old burglar attempted to rob an 89-year-old woman in Essex, England. As he attempted to get away, the burglar tried to crawl beneath the woman’s wooden fences, only for it to come down on his head.

A Polar Bear.

In the summer of 2013, a man named Matthew Dyer decided to go camping in Torngat Mountains National Park, and, unfortunately, was attacked by a polar bear, which somehow clawed its way through the electric fence Dyer had set up around his tent.

Wooden fences need a bit of love, care, and maintenance, but that’s usually because the elements have beaten them, not because a tank tried to climb through them, or because a burglar tried to get away beneath them, or even because a random polar bear got too interested. On the bright side, you probably will never have to worry about any of these threats breaking down your wooden fences. On the down side, it does show that these threats do really exist, however unlikely.

If you know of any weird ways wooden fences have been destroyed, feel free to share in the comments.

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