How to Get Your House Looking Festive and Jolly

Screened in porch

With the countdown to Santa’s glorious ride already running, it’s time to get the house looking festive. Here are a few tips to help.

Choose a Type of Light.

There are tons of different Christmas lights out there, none of which necessarily look better hanging on house fences than any other. There’s the standard, small-bulbed, rainbow lights; there’s the bigger-bulbed, rainbow lights; there’s white lights; there’s white and blue lights; and there’s tons of other ones. Though each can look really quite fantastic hanging from house fences, there’s one type that’s become quite popular lately: icicle lights. Instead of having bulbs branch off of the string, they have additional strings that hang, which have lights on them — sort of like icicle glimmering in the moonlight. These are particularly attractive, and can make it look like snow is gently falling over the house fences.

Decide How You’re Going to Hang Them.

Choosing which lights to hang is the fun part, but hanging lights on house fences is always tricky. While there are some types of house fences that can make it easy, others have no logical place for the lights to wrap around. Lights can usually be wound around the chain link fences’ and other metal fences’ gaps, but wooden fences don’t really have those gaps for the lights to go. For these tough-to-decorate house fences, it’d be wise to purchase some Command hooks. These can be easily applied, are strong enough to carry heavy loads, and can be taken off with relative ease, too.

Consider Adding Details.

Why only hang lights though? If you’re going to decorate, you should at least consider going all out. Consider getting lawn decorations, like nativity scenes, or reindeer decorations, or perhaps even an inflatable Santa. You could also wrap garland around house fences, too.

Whether they be metal fences or wood fences for homes, they’re going to look a lot better this holiday season if they’ve been wrapped and strung with beautiful lights. If you have any questions about hanging lights on gates and fences, feel free to ask in the comments.

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