Scare the Pants Off Trick-or-Treaters with These Simple Exterior Home Design Tips

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Every Halloween, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 40-million children put on their favorite costumes and head out into the night to go trick-or-treating. While it’s true that many children only look forward to the night so they can score copious amounts of free candy, many enjoy the spooky atmosphere of All Hallows’ Eve more than anything else. Don’t you want to play your part?

With a few simple house additions, you can completely transform the exterior of your home into something more fitting the season, whether that’s a mausoleum, a haunted mansion, or otherwise. If you’re not sure where to get started, these simple exterior home design ideas are for you.

Four Spooky Exterior Home Design Ideas

  1. The Classic Jack O’Lantern
  2. Nothing says Halloween quite like the classic Jack O’Lantern. That said, as HGTV points out, you should try and mix it up a bit. Carved pumpkins illuminated with different color candles; chains of carved pumpkins that form a gourd mosaic; and those carved to feature more than that traditional grin all make for an interesting and cheap way to bring the Halloween spirit to your home. As an added bonus, this same trick can be used to spruce up your interior home design.

  3. Rotten Bouquets Make Creepy Accents
  4. Those dried, stinky flowers on your table may make for a nasty eyesore, but for Martha Stewart they are perfect as a spooky Halloween decoration. This works especially well with carnations and wildflowers with petals that are wilting. The muted green tones of the stalks and the understated floral colors will bring any Halloween themed design to life.

  5. Scary Silhouettes on Your Siding
  6. As long as you have cardboard, scissors, tape, and exterior lighting, you have all the ingredients you need to spice up your exterior home design for the holiday. As written on the DIY Network, you can cut your favorite shapes out of the cardboard and tape them onto your exterior lighting. Turning the bulbs to face your house, you can cast scary shapes on your home, adding to that Halloween charm.

  7. Homemade Candelabras Cast an Eerie Glow
  8. Homemade candelabras, as Country Living suggests, are a beautiful, simple way to really set your home apart this Halloween. The design and build process is simple: take a mason jar, glue an orange candle to the interior bottom, and then place a quarter inch of candy corn into the container. Place the candelabras along your walkways or up your steps to cast a perfectly eerie glow over your home.

What home additions do you use to give the neighborhood a fright when Halloween comes around? Let us know in the comments below. See this reference for more.

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