Window washing business
  • Do You Know Your Glass?
    There are three types of glass commonly used to make windows: tempered glass, laminated glass and argon-filled glass. Different windows require different cleaning strategies, so you should make sure any company representative that gives you an estimate has worked on similar windows to yours, or seems knowledgeable and confident.
  • Are You Insured?
    There are two factors to be considered when it comes to insurance: property damage and bodily injury. Since cleaning commercial windows can be hazardous when extreme heights are involved, hiring professional window washing companies with the proper equipment, good safety practices and adequate insurance can allow your business to avoid serious liabilities.
  • Do You Clean More Than the Glass?
    It doesn’t make any sense to have sparkling clean glass, but dirty screens and sills. Be sure that any window washing company you do business with attends to the whole window, or take into account any additional inside cleaning that will need to be paid for when comparing window washing prices.
  • Can You Work on Historic Windows?
    If your building is historic, your windows may need special attention or window washing solutions. In order to preserve older materials and character, ensure that any company working on your windows is familiar with any steps that need to be taken.
  • How Often Should Our Windows Be Cleaned?
    Asking how often the business recommends window washing is a good way of judging their balancing of maintenance and cost. For most buildings, windows should be cleaned once or twice a year—perhaps four times depending on weather and other conditions. So if a window washing business tries to talk you into monthly cleaning, it’s likely they’re relying on your ignorance to get a bigger payday. On the other hand, regularly cleaned windows are less likely to degenerate due to porous surfaces absorbing pollutants, so an informed company will know to recommend at least yearly or semi-annual cleaning.
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