Modern Furniture Design

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Many people are drawn to the more modern look of furniture and find that they enjoy contemporary furniture design, like modern bedroom furniture sets. Modern bedroom furniture sets offer a taste of the modern inside the bedroom. Some modern bedroom furniture sets can be a part of modern furniture design and be quite popular. Many people wonder, is modern furniture affordable? Surprisingly it is quite affordable and there are modern furniture stores which sell modern bedroom furniture sets as well as modern living room furniture packages, patio bar furniture, and dining room tables and chairs.

The United States furniture manufacturing industry employs approximately 122,933 people. The household furniture manufacturing industry makes about $20 billion per year in revenue. The furniture market in the United States makes $63 billion per year and the furniture store industry makes around $63 billion as well per year. In the United States there are an estimated 4,906 furniture making facilities.

Furniture is usually the third most expensive thing people will ever buy with a house and a car coming in first and second. The price of a sofa can range from $600 to $6,000 dollars. To furnish an entire living room it can cost around $15,630 dollars. Leather furniture, if that is something you choose to buy for your living room, should be conditioned once every six to 12 months. Originally designed in 1925, the Wassily chair is one of the most iconic pieces of modern furniture. This may be something you will want to furbish in your living room or bedroom set. Research more like this.

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