Four Steps to Rejuvinating the Exterior of your Home!

Residential window cleaning

Most people are great about maintaining the inside of their homes, but what about the outside? The exterior of your home is what people see first, and you want it to reflect the beauty within.

Here are a few simple tips for refreshing the exterior of your home!

Restore your deck

Deck restoration can be a great way to perk up the exterior of your home, especially if your deck is getting on in years. Pressure washing can cut through all that built-up grime and reveal your beautiful deck, and a new stain or paint job can bring new life to tired surfaces.

Clean your windows

Regularly cleaned windows give your house or business a professional, maintained look at all times and they can also improve your energy efficiency: clean windows allow sunlight in that heats and lights your home. Residential window cleaning can also extend the life of your windows. As your windows age, they gather dirt, corrosive substances and oxidation. Cleaning windows on a regular basis removes contaminants like hard minerals, acid rain and mildew before they cause permanent damage.

Hiring a residential window cleaning service can save you time and effort at affordable prices, and you’ll usually get better results than a lengthy DIY job.

Seal your driveway

Driveway sealing is a quick and easy way to add that refreshing touch of polish to the outside of your house. A cracked or crumbling driveway tends to look unwelcoming and cheap and diminishes the beauty of your home. A brand new driveway creates a crisp and modern edge that sets your home apart!

Clean your gutters

Standing water in a clogged or dirty gutter can invite mosquitoes and pests that ruin your yard for outdoor relaxation. Don’t let old leaves rot in your gutters. Make sure to clean them frequently and check to make sure water isn’t pooling somewhere to cut down on irritating bugs in your yard, and invest in professional gutter cleaning if gutters are too hard or dangerous to reach.

You can do many of these yourself, but investing in professional deck restoration or residential window cleaning can give you that extra bit of sparkle. Clean up that tired exterior and let your home shine! See this reference for more.

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