Carbide Compared to Other Metals

Tungsten carbide scrap prices

Are you interested in scrap carbide? Are you looking to sell scrap carbide? Tungsten carbide is an inorganic chemical compound. It is particularly a carbide which contains equal parts of of tungsten and carbon atoms. In its most basic form, carbide is a fine gray powder. What is carbide scrap? Carbide scrap can can be pressed and formed into shapes for the use of them in industrial machinery, armor piercing rounds, jewelry, abrasives, cutting tools, and other tools and instruments. Carbide is two times harder than steel and has a resistance to heat. It is also much denser than steel or titanium. Carbide is comparable in hardness to a sapphire or a ruby. It can only be polished and finished with abrasives that are incredibly hard such as cubic boron nitride and diamond, which are in the form of powder or wheels.

This is what makes carbide such a high commodity and why many people sell scrap carbide. Carbide is also referred to as cemented scrap carbide and it is regarded as a precious metal. Often times people will sell scrap carbide due to its price. Carbide is often found in old tool mills. Carbide scrap buyers or scrap metal companies that focus specifically on carbide, will often offer double to buy scrap carbide. If you are willing to sell scrap carbide, this is the company for recycling carbide to, opposed to companies that focus on all scrap metals. Often, people will scrap old tools such as dulled drill bits and steel saws with dull blades for extra cash.

Carbide is usually coated in a titanium compound for its durability, and also to reduce the risk of damage to the carbide. In the United States, carbide can be found in jewelry, tools, electronics, and sports equipment. When you sell scrap carbide, on average, the United States processes enough scrap metal each day to build 25 Eiffel Towers everyday for the entire year. Carbide, copper, aluminum, and brass are more valuable to sell as scrap than ferrous metals such as iron and steel. When you sell scrap carbide you are helping the environment. When manufacturing companies use scrap metals in order to produce a product instead of new material, they can cut CO2 emissions on average 58%.
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