Have a Leaky Basement? Here are Four Potential Causes and Remedies

Basement leaks

Owning a home can be a rewarding experience, but it also comes with its challenges. One issue faced by many homeowners is excess water or flooding in a basement, and with that comes the need for basement leaks repairs. Having a damp or flooded basement is a serious problem in a home, and considering that many families use their basements for laundry and storage, water damage can be incredibly costly.

If you see an increase in water in your basement, if you notice any flooding when it rains, or if your pipes or sump pump are leaking, it may be time to call a waterproofing or plumbing company for basement leaks repair services. Unsure which issues your basement is having? Here are some potential fixes your basement may need:

1. Foundation crack repair: This is one of the most common reasons that basement leaks repairs are required. Foundations can crack over time if a house is old, when a house settles, or if the ground beneath it shifts. In addition to being an easy way to let insects into your home, foundation cracks also put your home at great risk for leaks and floods from groundwater. While it is possible to fill smaller foundation cracks yourself, it’s best to call an expert in most cases or if the cracks become larger.

2. Interior and/or exterior foundation waterproofing: Waterproofing is just what it sounds like. This process will prevent water from entering a basement or other structure at or below ground level. The most common waterproofing treatment is to add wall and floor sealers to a basement or to coat any exterior parts of a home’s foundation. Other waterproofing techniques rely on changing the drainage in a home, such as…

3. Installing a French drain system: French drains, also known as weeping tile and blind drains, consist of two pipes that sit below gravel around a home’s foundation. These types of drains can prevent groundwater from entering a home and may distribute water to septic systems or other locations. If you notice persistent flooding in your basement, a French drain may be the answer.

4. Sump pump repair and installation: Finally, one of the biggest causes of floods in a home is a broken or malfunctioning sump pump. A sump pump is necessary for removing the water in the sump basin of a basement if a home is below the water table. These structures and devices are necessary for removing groundwater from a basement.

Other possible fixes include getting your pipes checked or getting new basement windows or window wells installed. When in doubt about excess water in your basement, though, call a professional to do the job. Home foundations are meant to be sturdy, but even the smallest cracks and breaks can have disastrous results. Check out this website for more: www.aquatechwaterproofing.ca

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