How Foundation Repair and Moving Services Help You in Your Time of Need

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You care about your house where you currently live, or a house that you want to purchase. But you also want to change some things because you see the benefits of a strong, firm foundation – something that many houses lack nowadays. When it comes down to it, you think the house you love could use a house elevation, but you don’t know much about house lifting and want more information on how it works and how it could benefit the home you love. House moving services are always there to help when your foundation could use an upgrade and you don’t want to lose the home that you love and believe has enough integrity to withstand anything.

In Your Time of Need, House Moving Companies Are Here

What do house moving companies do? For one, they help those in need after a natural disaster. 90% of all U.S. natural disasters involve some type of flooding, which means that there is room for shifting. This can send your house under when the foundation is not as stable as you suspected. Perhaps your foundation has cracks and, when a flood comes through, your entire basement is flooded. You want to take action because you’re tired of it – like many other Americans. They say that, if your foundation has cracks wider than a fourth of an inch, you should fix the cracks before adverse effects occur in the home you love.

House raising companies help when your home has shifted over time, especially when it is very old. Perhaps you haven’t heard much about house lifting, but it has played an important role in the history of many homes. In 2004, the 15,140-ton Fu Gang Building in the Guangxi Province of China was the heaviest building that was ever moved while staying completely intact. Though it took 11 days to move it 118 feet, it was well worth it – and they were happy with the results.

If you’re thinking cost-effective, house moving companies have you covered. Raising a house is actually less expensive than building right on top of the structure. You could save as much as 50% if you choose this method! However, you must know some things: To prepare your house for a move, you must ensure that all of your utilities are disconnected. The company also needs about 10 feet of room around the entire house so that the excavation can be completed. This means that you will have to prepare by digging out any trees or plants in the immediate area.

If your home is in desperate need of foundation repair or needs moved because of a natural disaster, there are companies out there who want to work with you to keep your home in-tact and give it the leveling it needs. Every house has a chance, so don’t miss yours.

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