Explore the Versatility of Veneer Sheets

Pressure sensitive veneer

The time has come for you to start one of your famous homemade projects. As you look into the right material, you keep coming back to one thing; real wood vaneer sheets. Real wood vaneer sheets can be utilized in a number of ways, so check out your options and build the perfect project.

There are several different types of veneer, each serving a different purpose. Raw veneer has no backing on it and can be used with either side facing up. Paper veneer is available in large sizes or sheets as smaller pieces are joined together prior to adding the backing. Laid up veneer is raw veneer that has been joined together to make larger pieces. Reconstituted veneer is made from fast-growing tropical speices.

Real wood veneer sheets will always meet or exceed your expectations for grain, cut, thickness and wood quality. These sheets are skillfully cut and backed for durability thanks to invisible seams. Sheets of veneer come in a variety of colors including cherry, maple, and teak. Real wood veneer sheets come in architectural and furniture grade. Architectural grade veneer sheets are available in a variety of cuts and are virtually defect-free. Furniture grade veneer sheets are carefully plain-sliced to enhance its natural beauty.

Veneer edgebanding is transformed through state of the art color matching, reinforced finger-joints and precision sanding for the perfect commercial use. There are several different types of finishes including Cherry, Fir and Red Oak. The distinct look of edgebanding are more than handsome graining, state-of-the art finger jointing and precision sanding. It is sturdily constructed by invisibly laminating carefully crafted genuine wood veneer, resulting in a multi-layered toughness that withstands any straight edge and rolled edge applications.

If you want to use a material that can be incorporated into an array of projects, check out real wood vaneer sheets. Real wood veneer sheets can meet all of your building needs for the long-term. Make your projects by simply using real wood vaneer sheets.

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