Get Rid of the Pesky Ashborer Once and for All!

Ash tree treatment

The emerald ash borer is a destructive, invasive insect species that that is native to Asia and Eastern Russia. As its name implies, the ash borer is a particularly undesirable insect because the species thrives on robbing ash trees of the nutrients they need for their own survival.

Although experts are not certain how the emerald ashborer beetle made its way to North American shores, many suspect that the species made the trip via the wooden packaging used on cargo ships. Also, the long-distance transport of the ashborer beetle might be attributed to ash firewood, given the insect’s obvious preference for the wood from ash trees. Regardless of the way it made its way to the United States, the environmentalists estimate that the emerald ashborer beetle is responsible for demise of more than 50 million ash trees across the United States.

Before the emerald ash bore beetle reproduces, it will “bore” its way through the bark of the tree, and create larvae chambers into which they deposit their eggs. When the eggs metamorphosize into lavae, the larvae feed on the flow of nutrients to the ash tree via the phloem, which serve as the tree’s vascular system. In doing so, the ash borer larvae essentially steal the nutrients from the ash tree that are essential to its survival.

When an ash borer infestation occurs enough that it begins killing the tree, the tree is said to be suffering from ash tree disease. Companies that provide landscaping in Liberyville can provide property owners with effective emerald ash borer treatments that can get rid of the pesky emerald ash borer beetle for good.

If you believe your beautiful ash trees are infested with the destructive emerald ashborer beetle, the more trusted companies that provide landscaping in Liberyville can help. This is because effective ash borer control is one service among the many that they provide to their customers. Learn more about this topic here.

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