Three Ways to Cut Your Company’s Heating Bill

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Every business would love to cut costs and save on their budget, but one way to save that a business leader might not have realized is to try and trim company heating bills! Here’s a few ways that a business can help cut their company heating down to size, so that it can give bigger Christmas bonuses!

Optimize solar heating.

No, this doesn’t mean buy solar panels to run your heating. It means opening curtains, blinds, and window shades to let more light in. Not only will the sunlight help keep a room pleasantly warm and help with company heating needs, but it will also bring more light in to the office to create a more cheerful atmosphere.

Have the furnace maintenanced and the heating filter changed regularly.

When company heating repair
services perform regular maintenance on the furnace, you’re doing multiple things to save on bills. Firstly, a dirty filter makes the furnace work harder, which leads to less heating for more money. Secondly, because it works harder, the furnace’s lifespan is sapped. Have company heating contractors change the filter about once a month, and any routine maintenance about twice a year, and the furnace will stay in good working condition.

Institute a warm dress code.

True, nobody really likes to have a dress code at work, but incorporating a loose dress code that advises employees to wear sweaters, cardigans, sports jackets, and other warmer articles of clothing can help you to lower the thermostat while keeping all employees comfortable.

If you have any questions about how to lower company heating bills, feel free to ask in the comments! See this link for more.

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