Make Sure You Have Reliable Air Conditioning for Your Home

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No matter where you live in America, the need for quality air conditioning services is undeniable. Whether you live in the Northeast in cities like New York City, which is known for oppressive summer temperatures, or you live in the Southwest, where extreme heat is common for longer periods of time throughout the year, you’ll likely require air conditioning repair at some point during the life of your AC unit.

The statistics support both the seemingly universal need for air conditioning systems and the regional differences in terms of usage. While the Energy Information Administration reports that only 44% of Northeastern households have central air conditioning, three out of four homes in the Midwest are equipped with it. In the southerly states, summer-long use of central air conditioning is prevalent, occurring in 67% of houses.

While these stats are far from surprising, it is unfortunate that less than half of central air conditioning units, only 42%, undergo annually checks in the U.S., according to the EIA. This represents a missed opportunity.

Not only does a yearly check in the winter by an air conditioning contractor help to ensure that the unit is ready to be fully functional come the summertime, but it can also help you to preemptively address issues that may contribute to malfunctioning during the warmer months. It is for this reason that a second check before summer begins is highly advisable. This way, you may be able to avoid spending extra money on repairs.

Part of this air conditioning maintenance may include evaluating the state of the sub panels, which help to facilitate the supply of electrical power to the AC unit. If you have further questions, comments, or tips on anything from how to find a quality air conditioning specialist to how to install sub panels in your home, feel free to share them in the forum below.

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