Are You Considering a Beautiful New Landscape for Your Las Vegas Home?

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Are you aware that in 2001, American homeowners spent $37.7 billion caring for their property, according to the National Gardening Association? Do not be fooled into thinking that property care is limited to paint and new shingles. Landscaping can be a hugely important part in the enjoyment of your home and to its continued value in the future. Here are three great reasons to seek out a redesign for your Las Vegas dessert landscape.

  • Increase the Value of Your Home
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    Landscaping, defined as any modification of the features of the land, is as varied as it is important. Many people have stone fire pits and outdoor kitchens installed outside of their home so that they can host parties in the warmth of mother nature. Many others have beautiful plants planted and water features crafted to give their property a more natural look. Whatever you do, landscaping is known to get homeowners a 100 to 200% return on investment should they ever decide to sell their property, according to Money Magazine.

  • Live How You Want to Live
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    Most people seek out Vegas landscaping companies because they want to customize what they experience when they are outside of their homes. Home landscaping professionals can help you to craft very specific looks that you have been wishing to have on your property. Do you love the look of brick firepits and the traditional dessert landscaping of the region? Las Vegas landscaping artists can help you to achieve that rustic dessert landscape you have always wanted.

    Landscaping has another aesthetic bonus besides what you notice with your eyes. Did you know, according to the USPEA, trees can reduce unwanted environmental noise by as much as 50%? Many people want to be able to simply sit in their yard without worrying about the noise of cars, neighbors, and other sources. Landscaping can help.

  • Save Money on Utilities
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    It is undoubtedly true that having a dessert landscape or other type that your heart craves crafted into your property is great for aesthetic and home value. However, the financial benefits can be much more immediate than either. A single urban tree that is strategically placed outside of your home, in front of windows for example, can save homeowners $273 in air conditioning costs. Shade is perfectly free.

Landscaping is an essential service that professional artists can offer homeowners. Whether you are looking for a more interesting yard space, to improve the value of your home, or to save on your utilities bills, Las Vegas landscaping professionals have something to offer you. More information like this.

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  1. We had our landscaping done mostly for the beauty. It was only after a few months that we realized how much we were saving on utilities. Bonus!

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