The Difference in Roman Shade Styles

Creating a pleasing aesthetic in your living space is extremely important. You want to feel comfortable and secure in your own home. Choosing the right type of window shade is a large component of this. There are plenty of options out there, but this video will focus on the different types of roman shades.

Standard roman shades have a very clean and modern look.

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They are a simplistic option for those who desire it. They are quite effective at blocking sunlight as well, so they are a good option to have in your bedrooms. There are even some models of roman shades that contain a battery motor. It is a nice luxury to be able to adjust your shades without physically touching them yourself.

Another type is referred to as a waterfall roman shade. These are generally cordless options, which are nice to have if young children are around. This type of shade only requires your hand to adjust, as you can pull it down or up, depending on how much you want it to cover your window.

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