What Does a Home Measurement Service Include?

One of the most crucial factors prospective buyers consider when buying a property is the total square footage. However, the actual measurements of the residence frequently differ from the gross living area listed in the public records. For exact square footage, you’ll require a home measurement service. How exactly do home measurement services operate? Watch this video to find out.

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An appraiser performs a home measurement service by using an instrument, such as a measuring tape or laser measuring equipment, to determine the size of the property. As they move from room to room, they take notes on the home’s layout and facilities like kitchen, dining, patios, storage, bedrooms, baths, fireplaces, laundry room, and staircases.

An appraiser will take measurements of the home’s room sizes and square footage and create either a simple or a complex floor plan, depending on your requirements. The appraiser’s report and floor plan verify your home’s Gross Living Area (GLA). You can save both time and money by including accurate GLA information in your listing, which can also help speed up the process of selling your home. When appealing real estate taxes, it is also helpful to have this information.

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