Tips for Replacing Your Vinyl Siding

Many homeowners approve vinyl siding. It is indeed beneficial to protect homes. Though vinyl siding is plastic, it is long-lasting that can withstand different weather conditions.

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It protects your home from water leaks and more.

In case you have problems with your vinyl siding, like unwanted damage, scratch, or holes, you can easily replace it. You can do it yourself, or you can seek help from professionals. Here are step-by-step guides in replacing old and worn vinyl siding.

Step 1: Pick up a new piece of vinyl siding.

Ensure to buy a new piece of vinyl siding that is the same as your house. Choose the same color and design to match the old.

Step 2: Pull down the old vinyl siding.

Pull down the old siding. Gently remove the siding with damage. Try to lose the nails and pull them up.

Step 3: Install the new piece

Measure the siding that you need to cover up the damaged siding. Ensure that you measure correctly using a measuring tool.

Step 4: Slide the new piece in.

You can do the installation by sliding the new piece in. Gently slide the new piece in. You can now nail it to the center and ensure to tack them in place. Repeat the procedure to another damaged vinyl siding.

If you have questions about installing vinyl siding, you can continue watching the video to enlighten yourself.


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