4 Tips On Creating The Perfect Vintage Kitchen

A kitchen remodeling job is never easy, no matter how much time you put into planning it. So why go ahead with it in the first place? For one thing, a kitchen remodeling project can offer an amazing return on investment. Think about how much time you spend in your kitchen and exactly how much of an impression it can make upon your guests. A kitchen is not merely functional but also acts as a centerpiece of the home, where everyone congregates to enjoy a good meal. Therefore, it’s important that it has a strong sense of style. While some homeowners choose to go for a more basic remodeling project, pleasing everyone with a somewhat vague sense of design, others prefer to inject more of their own personalities into their new kitchens. This is perhaps the second most important reason why people choose to remodel their kitchens. They want to take something drab and purely functional and turn it into a bright highlight of the home’s decor, offering more than just respite from the typical kitchen that plenty of people are used to. But then, what kind of design angle should you choose when remodeling your kitchen? A lot of homeowners are currently favoring a vintage antique decor when renovating their kitchens, and with good reason.

Vintage kitchens don’t mean old-fashioned, and therefore less convenient, kitchens. You can decorate your kitchen with vintage antique decor while at the same time keeping the appliances that keep it convenient and easy to use. The issue really is of deciding what era you’re really going to draw from. While some may prefer to simply decorate their kitchens with a few vintage trimmings here and there, like a traditional butcher block. Others like to take on an entirely vintage inspiration, even seeking out vintage wallpaper or tile to decorate their kitchens. The best approach probably lies between the two, finding a happy place between going a bit overboard in creating a vintage design, and neglecting all the possibilities you can explore. Of course, any vintage-themed remodeling project is a bit more complicated than a typical renovation. You have to look elsewhere for vintage antique decor, as opposed to redecorating with the usual fixtures. Let’s look into some tips that will help you tackle turning your dull kitchen into a vintage masterpiece.

1. Shop Your Local Antique Stores

If you’re really dedicated to a vintage antique decor style for your kitchen, you need to consider visiting your local antique https://www.thecourtyardclinic.co.uk/buy-viagra-sildenafil-online-uk/ store. Antique stores specialize in true vintage items. Though they may include clothes, most antique stores focus on decorative items or appliances, which can be quite difficult to find elsewhere. In a way, an antique store can be compared to a consignment store, as items are usually acquired either through auctions or estate sales or through personal owners. This means that while it may not be the cheapest way to acquire vintage items, it is the best way to find authentic items. While a pawn shop, in comparison, may offer somewhat better prices on certain items, an antique store will usually have them authenticated and ensure that what you’re being sold is what you actually want.

Of course, there are drawbacks to shopping at your local antique store. For one thing, antique stores will inevitably have a limited stock. This means that if you’re trying to remodel your kitchen with vintage antique decor in mind, you’ll inevitably have to deal with only one or a few pieces at a time. You may, by chance, find the perfect unique cabinet design for your remodeled kitchen. However, you probably won’t be able to find the right amount of antique cabinets for your whole remodeling project. This is why some choose to have certain pieces made from scratch, based on the designs they find in antique stores. An antique store is really more made for specific detail pieces, versus functional appliances and pieces that need to be replicated. While you can easily draw inspiration from an antique store, it’s probably not the right place to attempt to source all of your decor. Another reason why you might run into an issue at an antique store is the expense. If you’re seeking out affordable decor, an antique store is not going to offer everything that you need. An antique store often offers its products at something of a premium, as many are no longer in circulation. Nonetheless, if you or your contractors do find pieces that are special and perfect for your new kitchen, you may very well find that refurbishing them offers you exactly what you need for your kitchen.

2. Consult With The Experts

Perhaps you don’t have a grand plan for your kitchen remodeling project. Maybe you just want to change it up with a bit of vintage antique decor. If so, you aren’t alone; a HomeGoods survey revealed that just one out of every five Americans is truly happy with their home decor. Revamping your kitchen with a vintage angle could be exactly what you were looking for; after all, it’s a lot easier to try a vintage look with your kitchen versus covering your entire home with Persian rugs and Tiffany-style lamps. Of course, just because you want a vintage kitchen doesn’t mean that you know quite how to make it happen. It’s always a good idea to consult with interior design experts when redecorating your home. However, it’s even more important to do so if you’re exploring a more retro style for your kitchen.

Why? Well, for one thing, professional interior decorators typically study interior design throughout the years. Therefore, they’ll have an entire mental catalog to go through when deciding what to do with your kitchen. If you want your kitchen to take on a 1960s feeling, your interior decorator will be able to make that happen and will be able to offer suggestions that you wouldn’t necessarily think of yourself. They also will have connections that you won’t. While you might have to go straight to the antique store for your specialty project, an interior decorator will be able to source replicas and be able to create a look for less money than you likely would. After the end of sexual intercourse, the erection disappears. Read more at https://tiaca.org/buy-viagra-sildenafil-online-20-mg/. In fact, some interior decorators have access to sources that are completely unknown to the average person. While you might feel like working with an interior decorator is just yet another cost tacked onto your kitchen remodeling project, an interior decorator cuts down on a lot of the time that you might spend considering your project and attempt to source materials. They handle everything for you so that you can focus on other things, and make the renovations happen in a much more efficient manner than most homeowners do on their own. Don’t feel as if you have to give up authentic antique pieces on your own, either. If you make it clear to your interior decorator that authentic pieces are important to you, they’ll make the effort to ensure that your new decor is authentic as possible.

3. Search Online

You’re probably already doing your research online to know exactly what vintage antique decor means in regards to different eras you might model your new kitchen style after. That much is probably obvious. However, you may want to look further online for the actual pieces with which you’ll decorate your home. You can obviously start on the typical online auction sites, like eBay. You may also want to consider seeking out antiques that are up for sale individually on websites like Craigslist. As you may not necessarily have access to antique stores where you live, and even if you do they may not necessarily offer what you need, looking online can really expand your options in a big way.

With that being said, there are still a lot of issues that can rise up whenever you buy antiques from individual sellers, as we mentioned above. This doesn’t disappear, of course, when you buy antiques online, even when your eBay seller promises you certificates of authenticity. Fortunately, there are other websites that may be more reputable, with some being stricter than others. Etsy has become a popular source for antiques online, though it can definitely create the same issues as eBay due to the individual nature of its sale structure. Chairish, on the other hand, has stricter standards. While it offers individual listings as well, Chairish actually has curators on staff, who pre-screen the listings and ensure that they are authentic. This makes it much easier for you to know that you’re getting the items that you really want. It also possesses a “save” function, which you can use to file away pieces that you aren’t yet sure about while shopping. One Kings Lane is another popular online source for vintage antique decor and antique pieces in general. As opposed to the typical independent sellers that you’ll find online, firms advertise on One Kings Lane collectively. The issue you can run into there is that the antiques tend to be more expensive, but with good reason. The pieces on this site are often one of a kind, and if you want your vintage kitchen to be truly different you’ll be better off spending a little more and investing in unique pieces. If you’re looking to save a bit, the website 1stdibs offers antiques in something of a different setting. While you can go ahead and buy the pieces outright, you can also make an offer for the pieces, much like you would on eBay. You may or may not be successful; but unlike eBay, this site offers a better selection of real antiques and vintage pieces. Ultimately, being able to go straight to the point when investing in antiques is often worth exploring lesser-known sites.

4. Decorate With The Era In Mind

There are good and bad aspects to utilizing vintage antique decor in your home, let alone in a space like your kitchen. In fact, there’s something of a debate regarding vintage styling in general; that is to say, what constitutes kitsch and what constitutes stylish design? A lot of people decide against vintage decoration in the first place because they think that vintage decor is ultimately going to come off as tacky, like neon signs. But it doesn’t have to; what’s important is using vintage decor in a way that accents your kitchen without overwhelming it. While it may be tempting to decorate using prints with bold graphics if you’re, say, pursuing a more 1970s theme in your kitchen, you don’t want to overwhelm your decor to the point that it seems like you’re decorating your kitchen in poor taste.

Keep in mind that if you want to be a bit more subtle while maintaining a vintage vibe, much can be done simply through adding a statement piece to your kitchen. If your statement piece is an authentic antique, that retro vibe is even more thoroughly conveyed than it would be with a less authentic, imitation-vintage piece. You can use reproductions to simply fill out the space and reinforce that vintage feeling as well; as long as they’re grounded by an authentic piece, it’s easier to set the overall mood. Furthermore, repurposing certain antiques can make it easier for you to find items that will fit your vintage decorations. While you may not be able to find the ideal statement piece that was made to be a statement piece, by using something that was once functional you can still ultimately succeed in your goals.

Ultimately, the end goal for every homeowner is to have a home that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. If you’d like to accomplish that by utilizing a vintage design, it’s certainly somewhat more challenging, but not impossible. By listening to the experts and zeroing in on vintage designs, you can get what you want more easily than you might think, and create a kitchen that provides a comforting echo of the past through vintage antique decor.

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