Does Your Commercial Showroom Have a Concrete Sales Floor?

This has been quite the summer. With repairs for both the roof and the garage floor, there are many times when you feel as if you are redoing everything from top to bottom. And while there are many things between the roof and the garage floor that did not need any attention, these two particular projects at times seemed all consuming.
Most of the homes in the neighborhood are all getting to where they only have one layer of shingles on them. When home owners do a roof themselves, however, they tend to do a layover. When professionals with insurance monies do roofs, though, they tear off the old ones. This is a great improvement, however, because there is absolutely no way to get 20 years out of a layover. A combination of the vibrations may be one of the reasons that the layover method simply does not work, but in the end professional roofers are thankful for single layer shingles that come off in large pieces, allowing for a closer examination of the roof board underneath.

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