What Foundation Repair Can Do For You

All American homes are build on foundations, and Texan homes younger than 50 years old are often built on slab foundation, which may give them some advantages over other foundation types. All the same, constructing the foundation is the first step in building a house, and a quality, leak-proof foundation will need only minimal foundation repair done on it, but a damaged or badly constructed foundation may need foundation repair services more often, and if foundation repair services are not hired as needed, some major problems might affect the foundation, and foundation failure can be a real hassle for any homeowner today. A concerned homeowner who has to deal with leaking or flooding water or even radioactive radon gas in the basement can call upon local foundation repair services, such as “San Antonio foundation repair” for residents of San Antonio, Texas, or “foundation repair services Dallas TX.” How can water or radon gas threaten a home? Foundation repair strategy may be shaped on what the particular problem is.

What Might Go Wrong

There are a number of issues that can go wrong in a basement, and they will call for foundation repair services as soon as such issues arise. Two common problems are water and radon gas.

Standing water in a basement can cause some real issues, especially if the basement does not have a proper drain or pump to get rid of it. Water may get into the home from leaking pipes, for example, which will drip constantly and build up water in the basement’s lowest points. In other cases, rainwater will leak into the basement through the foundation, and in areas prone to flash flooding, a lot of water may break into the home within a matter of hours. Standing water can cause some material issues, such as eroding the floor or walls, and it may also damage items stored in the basement such as cardboard boxes or furniture. What is more, all this excessive moisture can foster a lot of mold growth down in the basement, and many American homeowners are aware that such mold can cause health problems to the people and pets in the house. Allergies and asthma may be set off when mold spores and other biological agents get into the air, and no one wants that.

Some homeowners may be surprised to hear that radioactive gas like radon is a common threat to homes, but this is true, and it can even turn deadly. Radon gas is found naturally in the ground, and over time, it emits up into the air, and where a cracked or faulty foundation is concerned, this air can easily leak into a home’s air over time. In lower concentrations, this radioactive gas can cause mild health symptoms such as chest pain and nausea, and once concentrations become high enough, this gas can even accelerate rates of lung cancer. Unfortunately, thousands of Americans succumb every year to radon gas poisoning and lung cancer. What can be done about this?

Hire Foundation Repair Services

A concerned homeowner can look up local foundation repair services in their area and compare and contrast their fees, expertise, availability, and the content of previous customer reviews to find the best crew for the job. Once a crew is hired, then can take care of faults and damage in the basement and foundation, and take steps to help prevent water or radon gas from appearing again. All the while, plumbers can be hired to repair the pipes to prevent leaks, and they can also install or upgrade floor drains to get rid of excess standing water. Some experts may also install a sump pump and channels that will divert loose water to it, and such a pump will draw up that water and deposit it outside. Crews can also seal faults in the basement and prevent water from leaking in from rains or floods.

Homeowners can also get and use radon testing kits for their home’s air, and if it turns out positive, the homeowners can cycle out the home’s air and refresh it, so that radon gas levels drop back below the action levels set by the EPA. This can even save lives.

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