Tips For Easily And Inexpensively Decorating Your Home

Home decor is important, from the furniture we choose to the wall decorations we hang to the colors we paint our walls. The way in which we decorate our homes can convey so many things, from a mood to an expression of our personalities. When our homes reflect us, many of us find that we feel better there, safer and more tucked away from the world when we need it.

But home decor is not always cheap. For some people, the quality is worth the cost. Take, for instance, hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is so highly sought after that up to 54% of the people who are looking to buy homes have said that they would be willing to pay considerably more for a home with hardwood flooring. In fact, hardwood flooring is perhaps the most popular type of flooring around.

And it has gained this popularity not without good reason. For instance, hardwood flooring is highly aesthetically pleasing, lending a warm and rich feel to any given home, no matter how big or small the home itself might be. Hardwood floors are also incredibly durable when they are well cared for, withstanding the test of time. Typical hardwood flooring can even last for up to centuries upon centuries when they are cared for as they should be and not exposed to things like rot or excessive wear and tear.

However, the use of hardwood flooring or of other hardwood elements in your home is sometimes less than ideal. This is typically the case if the wood that you use is not reclaimed wood. This is due to the fact that the use of hardwood products is far from sustainable, as hardwood trees can take up to 20 years – even up to 40 years or 60 years – before fully becoming matured. With so many trees already being cut down, contributing more to this problem by installing hardwood flooring in your home is not the most ecologically sound course to take.

In addition to this, hardwood flooring can be quite expensive, so much so that many people simply can’t afford it. For many people, having hardwood in their homes is a dream, but one that is currently not easily obtainable. Fortunately, there are better and more cost effective options for people who are interested in the look of hardwood without the cost or the detrimental impact on the environment that it can all too easily have.

The solution lies in peel and stick wood panels. These peel and stick wood panels come in many different varieties, with peel and stick wood panels out there for just about any type of wood that you could think of – especially hardwood. Peel and stick wood panels can be used to create the look of wood flooring, certainly, but they can also be used to create the look of wood paneling. For this purpose, peel and stick wood panels can easily make a peel and stick accent wall.

This type of peel and stick wood wall can look just as good as the real thing, providing a rustic look to many a home at a very slight cost. And peel and stick wood panels have been rising in popularity right alongside the rustic trend itself, one that is particularly popular on idea generating online platforms such as Pinterest, a site that has as many as 14 billion home looks and designs to draw your inspiration from. For those looking for a do it yourself (also known as DIY) craft, Pinterest is likely to have a number of tutorials that instruct you on how to use things like peel and stick wood panels and the like.

As interior wood plank walls can be a great way to change up the look of your home – and home decor should be changed twice in a decade, once every five years at least, according to home decor professionals and interior designers – so too are peel and stick wood panels. Both can add a little bit of flair to even the most basic of homes, a little bit of something special. The difference, of course, comes in the cost of the project.

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