Summer Time and the Living Is Easy (As Long as the AC Is Working!)

Summer temperatures are amping up and as the humidity increases as well, the air conditioning systems across the country are being pushed to their max. And while there are many places in the country that cool off in the evening, there are many other locations where once it hits the highest temperatures in the early month so July there is no relief in sight.

Unfortunately, it is at these times when some cooling units fail to perform. With as many as 84% of the homes in the country having air conditioning, it should come as no surprise that there are always a number that are at the end of their service. Finding a solution to the an air conditioning is not always easy, but it is certainly more possible if you call for the help of a professional HVAC technicians.

Both residential and commercial HVAC systems work better if they are served on a regular basis. In fact, there is a significant amount of research that indicates if a unit is serviced twice a year it will not only last longer, but that it will also perform more efficiently. Consider these statistics about residential and commercial HVAC systems and the impact they have on the comfort or the nation, as well as its economy:

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  • 67% of central air conditioning in the Southern states is used all summer long.
  • When compared to units that were manufactured in the 1990s, new air conditioners today use about 50% less energy.
  • To have the most efficient HVAC system, it is important that you follow the manufacturer maintenance recommendations to have inspections twice a year.
  • An efficient air conditioner relies on an efficient source of electricity. How often you should inspect your electrical system depends on how old your home or building is and how many appliances you have. As a general guideline, most electricians recommend an inspection every three to five years.

Working with a professional teams of installers, including a licensed electrical contractor, is the best way to insure that your heating and cooling investment works as it should, and works as long as possible.

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