Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency by Upgrading Your Doors and Windows

Over time, a house’s doors and windows may need to be repaired, replaced, or updated. In some instances, this may be due to weather damage, while in others, it may be to create a more energy-efficient home environment. Whether they’re planning to sell their home or remain there for decades, many individuals choose to replace their doors and windows for aesthetic purposes. In addition to creating more curb appeal and providing other benefits, a home’s market value can potentially be increased with these and other upgrades.

Older homes in particular can be drafty. When windows are older than 15 years, for example, they may be one of the primary sources of these drafts. Unfortunately, these drafts can increase both energy usage and waste. During the colder as well as warmer months, 25% to 30% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through older windows. When cracks, holes, and other drafty areas are insulated and repaired, this can make a difference in a home’s overall e

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Smart Shades, Smart You

With technology constantly evolving and expanding, there seems to be a surplus of innovative tools that exist to make life better and easier. But what does this mean in terms of the home? We’re talking about the space that you should feel most comfortable and at peace in, so you deserve technology that is going to amplify that feeling. By adding motorization to the shades in your home, you’ll reap the benefits of this brand new technology every day.

Show Me The Light

With Hunter Douglas Powerview motorized blinds, you’ll be able to get the perfect lighting adjustment without ever getting out of your seat. Convenience is the main reason people switch to motorized shades, and with good reason! No more wrestling with tangled cords, no more balancing acts to get the shades to fall evenly. Rain or shine, you have control through a handheld device, giving you power over eve

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Rough Roads Can Lead to Car Damage and Accidents

Concrete contractors, asphalt crews, and barricade companies are getting a work out this summer. In fact, if you are to believe one of the national pizza chains, the roads are so bad that even they are setting out to fill in pot holes. After a very cold winter in the midwest and lots of rain in other parts of the country, there is a growing need for road, parking lot, and sidewalk repair in many parts of the U.S. To the point of causing damage to cars, there are many cities that find themselves getting bids from many concrete contractors to make sure that these problems get fixed while the weather remains nice.
From sidewalk to driveway repairs, there are also a number of home owners who are using this summer to make sure that they fix the problems that they have on their own property. Even ne

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Commercial Window Replacement and Other Energy-Saving Options for Your Business or Home

Are you living in a home that was built prior to the mid-1990s? If you haven’t had the original windows replaced, then there’s a good chance that your home has single-paned glass windows. These aren’t particularly energy efficient, and as a result, you may be losing heat and/or cool air. Furthermore, these types of windows also allow outside noise to enter into your home, which can obviously be annoying.

When you have single-paned windows and regular doors throughout your home, you’re losing about 38% of the heat that you generate during the colder months. If these windows and doors also have drafts, then this amount can increase up to 50%. While this can be due to a variety of factors, what is often the case is that the windows and doors are not properly seated or weatherized. Warm air can also be lost when there are cracks and holes in wood windows that allow the warm air to escape and the cold air to enter.

If your home has drafty windows and doors, there’s a good chance

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How to Keep Your Crawl Space Dry Without Needing to Waterproof Your Entire Basement

How well do you know your basement?

Whether you’re a brand-new homeowner or you’ve been living in your house for decades, it might be surprising to learn that you’re at high risk for expensive water damage — in fact, more than 98% of homes with basements will see some type of water damage. In many cases, a house’s crawl space is where that water damage begins.

Many homeowners are deterred from the sticker shock of a traditional basement waterproofing service. But when water damage-related services like mold removal can cost you up to $4,000, the need to keep your home’s crawl space dry this summer is readily apparent. And it’s possible to do so without making the major investment of a basement waterproofing.

If you’re wondering how to keep your crawl space dry without investing in a basement waterproofing, take a look at these three tips:


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3 Surefire Signs That You Need A Programmable Thermostat

As a homeowner, keeping up with the demands and financial responsibilities of your HVAC system can be quite the challenge. Sometimes, it feels like you’re constantly adjusting your thermostat in hopes of coming to a solution that keeps your home at a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank. If this sounds like your daily struggle, … Read more3 Surefire Signs That You Need A Programmable Thermostat

How to Choose Your Paint And a Hardware Store Checklist

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, there are few things that can do the job as effectively as a coat of new paint. Dollar for dollar, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways of improving your look. Keep reading for tips on how to pick the right paint and a checklist for the home hardware store shopping trip!

Choosing Paint

When it comes to interior paint, there’s a bewildering array of choices at your home hardware store. The most common type to use is latex paint because it can be wiped clean: a great feature for homes with pets or small children. Unlike oil paint, it also tends to blister less because it breathes better, and it won’t fade quickly. For most of the walls you’ll almost certainly want a low-VOC latex paint, but if you have any wood that needs to be stained or primed, oil-based paints are excellent in this application.

Choosing Sheen

Paints come in a variety of sheens, and the general rule is that the glossier the paint, the easier it is to clea

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Fertilizer, Root Growth, and Everything In Between

The world of farming is complex and difficult to understand if you have never worked in that line of work before. This is because it is a job that requires specialization. Thus, most farmers are people who were raised on a farm and spent their entire lives doing this kind of work. These are the people who will truly understand all of the information that surrounds fertilizer for root growth.

Fertilizer for root growth and Indolebutyric Acid, also known as IBA, are two important aspects of properly growing and working with plants on a farm. Understand that IBA and vitamin B1 combined together stimulates root development and encourages growth by 30 percent in most species of plants and 50% in hardwood plants and trees. Make sure that you are getting the right fertilizer for your plants and for all the crops on your farms.

Deep root fertilization, organic tree fertilizer, roots fertilizer

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Finding the Right Roof Can Help Protect Your Family from Storms

The gutter installation is complete and with that the end of a very long project has come to an end. Starting with a total roof replacement, followed by a whole house painting project, the gutter installation is now finished. The roofing shingles being torn off the house was the messiest, and the installation of the new roof installation was the loudest, so by the time the contractors got to the gutter installation it seemed fairly anticlimactic. You briefly considering new siding installation, but the contractor suggested that the only thing needed was a new paint job.
As the summer storm season continues in many places in the country it should come as no surprise that there are many home owners who end up having to replace roofs, siding, windows, and gutters. In fact, some of the biggest reports of damage from the storm season in 2017 are just now being repaired, unfortunately, just in

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Why Professionals Must Complete HVAC Installations

Dealing with the heat of summer and winter cold can be troublesome for those who want to relax at their home. However, you can change your situation by getting a brand-new AC and hiring an ac install service to keep your new equipment running smoothly. If you feel your HVAC isn’t working as it should, … Read moreWhy Professionals Must Complete HVAC Installations

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