Bottled Water Is Expensive! Here’s How You Can Save Money And Enjoy Clean Water With A Filtration System

Why do i need a water softener

Stop wasting your money on bottled water this year. There are betters ways to create a safe, healthy drinking experience for the whole family!

The benefits of water softeners and reverse osmosis can be felt every single day, no matter the weather or the state of your whole house filtration system. Healthy drinking water is a worldwide issue, one that draws attention each and every year for the positive and negative impact a change in water can have on entire communities. It’s estimated there are still two billion people around the world that don’t have steady access to safe drinking water. If you want to make sure you and your family are covered year-round it’s time to look into a water softener or reverse osmosis system for your household.

How often do you drink water per day? If you’re scratching the back of your head and coughing surreptitiously into your shoulder it’s time to step it up. The human body is made out of over 60% water, after all, and skimping out one on of your biggest bodily functions is a surefire way to leave your least life! The classic doctor’s recommendation is six to eight glasses of water per day to keep your immune system hearty and your digestive organs sound. You can also supplement these with herbal teas, simple juices and sports drinks. Try to keep coffee and tea to a minimum, though, as sugar and caffeine strips your body’s water content!

Many households turn to bottled water not just to guarantee clean drinking water, but to get a boost in electrolytes. With a complete water softening system or reverse osmosis system (or both!) you can ensure your tap water is just as good as the store brand stuff. There are many nasty contaminants that can worm their way into your water and keep it from being what you need, from mineral build-up to bacteria to even rust. City filtration systems are constantly hard at work to keep populations safe, but even the best machine has to break down sometime. A few extra safety measures go a long way!

Hard water is a term describing excess mineral build-up in your drinking water. You can tell when you have a hard water problem when you notice a scummy white or gray build-up in your bathtub, sink or shower walls. If you scrub and scrub to no avail it might be time to invest in a water softener to filter out those irritating elements and restore your water to its previous splendor. Choosing the right size water softener means figuring out how much water you use per month, your family size and the general size of your home’s water system. When in doubt? Reach out to a professional!

What other ways can you ensure your water is always safe? A reverse osmosis system will do nicely. While the name may sound complicated, it’s just a scientific way to denote the function of removing bacteria from your home’s water supply. Water is both very simple and very complex, able to carry a bunch of nasty ingredients with you none the wiser. A reverse osmosis system properly installed and used every day can eliminate up to 99% of all bacteria in your water supply. Pair this with a water softener when contacting a contractor or water system specialist and your water be as smooth as silk.

Your health is important. Alongside a healthy diet and routine exercise you need to have a smart relationship with your water. There are plenty of good residential water softener systems to choose from, designed to fit seamlessly into your home and work for years with little maintenance. The last thing you need while taking your kid to soccer practice is suspecting the water they drink in-between matches could be filled with harmful minerals or bacteria, so give you and your family year-round peace-of-mind and take the initiative.

Water is life…so live your best one with a water softener!

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