7 Ways You Can Use Accent Pieces to Change Up the Look of Your Home

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Only 20% of all people in the United States are happy with the decor in their home. Despite this, many people live with home decor they are not crazy about. In fact, nearly half of all people in the country have not changed the decor in their homes in five years or more. The good news is that there are ways to update the look of a home without changing everything. A few accent pieces can make all the difference, according to the Spruce.

  1. The first question you may have is, what exactly are accent pieces? Home accents are furniture pieces that make a splash in a room because they complement the decor already there but add something extra. These pieces are called accent pieces because the meaning of the word is to emphasize or stress. These are pieces of furniture or are other decorative pieces that have a purpose beyond what they were made to do. For example, people do not buy antique umbrella stands to hold umbrellas. These are bought to be a showpiece in a room and to add color.
  2. When you are looking at accent pieces to perk up the look of your home, you have a lot of options. Some experts recommend spending a little extra money if you are just going to buy a piece or two. Some people find that they can find what they need to give their home a new look at the local farmers’ market, flea market or vintage consignment shop. If your style runs that way, it is certainly worth it to check these places out for home accessories that match your style but can add something special to the look of your home. Here are some more tips:
  3. Look at your entryway. This is the first part of your home that people see. It can be a great place to put accent pieces because it can set the tone for the way they look at your entire house. One great piece that can add a lot to this space is a chest of some kind. When you look for these, get one with either an unusual shape or vibrant color.
  4. Add some tables that are small. These can add a lot to the look of your home without really changing much. You can get a few that have vibrant colors that complement the colors that you already have in your space. Some ideas for smaller tables that can change up the look of your home include ones that have some sort of inlay, a fun treatment, or have been painted a great color. Also, some painting methods can create very interesting looks on tables (and other pieces of furniture).
  5. You can go with larger pieces as well. An accent piece does not have to be small. Some examples of larger pieces that can have an impact on the look of your home include china cabinets, chests, painted screens, and wall coverings. If you have a busy look in your room, your accent piece will make more of a difference for you if it is clean and simple. If you have a subtle space, a more complicated accent piece will make more of a difference.
  6. A great chair can add a lot. People often find that a great chair can be the perfect accent item. Getting a chair with the right pattern or color can do wonders to change up the look of your home. The pattern of the chair can even include the texture of the fabric that was used to make it or the shape of the chair itself. If you do not have a sofa, a great chaise lounge can add a lot to a room.
  7. Get some nice artwork. Mixing up the art on your walls can make a room look very different. For example, getting artwork of different sizes can make a wall and room look totally new and different.

People often think that if they want to change the look of their home, they have to change everything. Adding a few accent pieces can do a lot.

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