Renovating a House Things to Think About

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Americans are unhappy with their home decor, according to at least one survey, but they are also unwilling to change their home decor. According to one survey, 80% of Americans were unhappy with their home decor and around 60% said they had not made a change to their home decor in one to five years.

Americans thinking of renovating or changing their home decor have many different options or paths to consider. First, they have to think about the financial means. Better put, their financial means. Wanting to redo all the flooring in a house might not be reasonable according to budget.

It may cost thousands to replace the carpet with hardwood floors in the living room and the living areas, or to put in new tile in the bathroom. Each case requires either personal expertise in handling the project or the expertise of someone who is experienced with those kinds of projects.

Painting all the walls in a house from a weird vibrant color to a more muted but goes with everything kind of color takes time and money. It takes time to put all the tape up on the walls, it takes time to put all the coverings on the floors, and it takes time to paint, whether with a roller or a brush.

Then there is the home decor part of the situation. It may be nice to think of putting up a commissioned painting that costs thousands of dollars but it might not be in the budget. It also might be nice to buy that nice well-done piece of pottery but it may not be in the budget either.

So the first thing a homeowner needs to think about before renovating or redoing home decor is the financial part of things. Whether they have the residual income saved up or a remainder in their checking out is a significant issue when it comes time to purchase a piece of home decor or save up for a renovation.

There are other things to consider as well. The return on investment of renovations is critical to the financially literate homeowner who is thinking well beyond the point of completing the project and is thinking about how the renovation will affect the house’s selling point when it comes to putting the house up for sale.

There is also the issue of home decor. Some decor appreciates well with time. A painting that costs $1000 today might appreciate to $3000 in the future, especially if that artist does well and the artist gains name recognition. That piece of pottery might be worth thousands more in the future as well.

When it comes to home decor, there are several things to think about. First, it is important to consider personal style when it comes to home decor. There are a few major styles of home decor today. There is the contemporary style, the classic style, the country style, the eclectic style, and the modern style.

Each style has its own furniture associated with it, along with its own home decor pieces such as paintings, wall fixture, lamps, and more. There are leather chairs and sofas, dynamic colors, modern sleek looks, country home decor products, and much much more. It depends on the taste of the individual to do it.

Then there are the shutters. Shutters can have a major impact on the quality in a home. There are statistics associated with this.

  • Typical shutters can be expected to last up to 20 years.
  • Adding a cellular shade can increase a window?s R-value from 3.5 (a standard window) to nearly 7.
  • In spring 2016, about 31 million people in the U.S. said they live in a household that bought drapes, blinds, and other window treatments within the last 12 months.
  • Most homeowners replace their window treatments every seven to eight years.
  • Roller shade fabric with a 5% rating will allow 5% of light in, blocking the other 95%. Blackout shades, on the other hand, have a 0% rating, blocking out all the light.1

Cellular shades are a helpful part in this process. They can increase a window’s R-value significantly. Cellular shades are easier to maintain than typical blinds. They don’t have the issues associated with other blinds. Cellular shades can be pulled down fairly easily. Cellular shades are useful.

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