Five Valuable Uses for your Unused Basement

Home remodeling renovations

Many homes across the country have an unused living space. The basement can serve as additional square footage and space within your house. Yet, many homeowners do not want to take on the large project of renovating a basement. Basement remodeling, however, can add a lot of value to your house.

Additional storage space
Are you one of the many homeowners that never seem to have sufficient storage space? Right now, your basement may not seem ideal to store your cherished belongings. But, once you make some home remodeling renovations and waterproof and temperature proof the basement, you will feel comfortable storing your belongings there. You can declutter the rest of your house and use the additional space in the basement to increase your overall household storage.

Added household bedroom
Growing kids and changing house guests can create the need for another bedroom. If you cannot afford to, or simply do not want to trade in your current house for a larger one with another bedroom, you might have the perfect bedroom space in the basement. A general contractor can finish the basement space, making it a comfortable and clean bedroom. If there are teens in the house, they will enjoy the separation and private bedroom. If the bedroom is completed up to codes, you can even list the house with an additional bedroom.

Movie entertainment space
Basements make for perfect entertainment and movie rooms. The space is often much darker than other parts of the house, great for movie watching. Just make sure you include temperature control and new paint and carpet in your basement home remodeling renovations. You can even finish off the project with comfortable theater seating, a surround sound system, and a larger screen TV. Remember that the average basement remodel can have up to a 70% return on investment.

Additional bathroom
Bathrooms are another common complaint among large households. If you are constantly fighting to get into the bathroom, you might find it valuable to add another one. With the right basement space, you can easily turn it into another bathroom. Additionally, adding another bathroom is one of the best home remodeling renovations that you can make. Bathroom additions offer an average of 86.4% ROI. Also, when you start the design from scratch, you can create any bathroom you want. Finally, install that large soaking tub or put in a heated towel warmer.

Kids playroom space
Are you tired of kids toys thrown around your living room? Are you hesitant to entertain because there are toys everywhere? Moving your kid’s primary play space into the basement can solve this problem, while also giving them a unique and dedicated place to play. According to the 2016 U.S. Houzz and Home survey, about two thirds of homeowners on Houzz (68%) plan to include a recreational area in their newly built custom home. People enjoy additional recreational or entertainment spaces and it can significantly increase the value of your house.

Many homeowners complain about a lack of storage space and entertainment space. If you have a basement, you are lucky enough to have sufficient space to increase both your storage and your entertainment space. Complete home remodeling renovations that improve the storage, entertainment value, resale value, and look of your house. You can even design and add a new bedroom to the basement space.

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