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A lot of people may not know exactly what a fabricator does. Basically, what a fabricator does is work with different types of metal, mostly cutting, shaping, positioning, and aligning. Most of the time, they will work for manufacturing or construction companies. The metals they work with will then be used to build different types of structures after they have done their processing work. It can be a very interesting job.

If you do not know a lot about fabricators and are interested in learning more about them, you might have many questions. For example, you might wonder, how exactly does a structural steel fabricator do the job? What are some things that are worth knowing when it comes to building with steel? What are some good companies who specialize in steel construction near me? What should I know about steel frame garage construction? What is the best quality steel for construction? Most of the time, someone who has a lot of experience working with fabricators will be able to answer these questions for you. It might also be a good idea for you to do some location specific research so that you can see exactly what is available in your area.

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Oval duct and other types of duct fittings are used for both industrial and household systems. When these systems are well-maintained, inspected, and cleaned on a regular basis, they will function optimally.

How Duct Systems Can Lose Their Efficiency

When debris collects in industrial duct systems, for example, it can decrease the system’s overall performance. It’s been demonstrated that 42% of a ductwork’s efficiency can be lost due to this type of buildup.

The cool air within a house can also be lost due to a variety of issues. In addition to dust and debris build-up, leaks, holes, and improper installation can also create issues. Roughly 20% to 30% of a home’s air can actually be lost as a result, which also decreases this system’s overall efficiency.

Measuring Air Duct Flow

There are several methods used to measure airflow in ducts. Due to technological advancements, the flow plate was recently invented. This device is able to increase the speed with which the airflow rate is measured. As a result, this measurement is more accurate, and can usually provide the true airflow rate with 7% accuracy.

Heating and Cooling for New Home Constructions

Approximately 90% of the new home constructions in the United States are having ducted heating and cooling systems installed. This is due to these systems’ demonstrated efficiency.

When furnaces that meet 78% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, which is the current national standard, are combined with a traditional duct system, just around half of the heat will enter the house. More specifically, this is when these older systems are installed in a vented attic or open crawlspace.

Rectangular Versus Spiral Ductwork

When using rectangular ducts, there needs to be approximately 3 extra inches of space. This must be factored in for the necessary connections and reinforcements that are required for each joint. Extra space isn’t needed when installing spiral duct fittings, however. It’s important to note that given their shape, spiral duct fittings are also referred to as round or oval duct fittings.

The overall cost of installing spiral ducts is also less than with rectangular ducts. In some cases, it can cost up to 50% less. When considering whether or not to install rectangular versus oval duct fittings, consider that the total costs can be potentially reduced for these necessities:

  • Product
  • Parts
  • Labor
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Packaging
  • Waste disposal

Oval Duct Fittings and Other Products

When you need to locate the right type of ducts for a job, there are a variety of styles from which to choose. In some cases, you may need to have these custom fabricated. If this is the case, duct fabricators will be able to create ducts to your specifications.

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