5 Tips For Safe Hot Top Usage


If you’ve just joined one of the many proud owners of Sundance hot tubs and spas, you might think that owning a hot tub is simple. But the truth is that it’s not, and we’re not talking about the hot tub maintenance. We’re talking about something as simple as sitting in it at the right time.

Sundance hot tubs or any other brand of hot tubs can be dangerous if you don’t practice good soaking and usage tips.To help you stay safe, here are a few of these tips:

Always Supervise

You should always know what’s happening in the hot tub and make sure that children are monitored carefully when they use it. It can be dangerous to leave them unattended in it, especially if they’re very young. Practice proper diligence with your hot tub.

No Alcohol!

Don’t drink while soaking in a hot tub, or before it either. Alcohol can increase the risk of passing out, having a heart attack, or suffering injury from passing out and slipping. Save your drinks for after you’re done soaking.

Watch For Storms

Don’t use a hot tub during, before, or immediately after a thunderstorm. There is immense danger from electrocution if the lightning hit the water, or hits it when you’re in it. Electric-shock, from electricity, still lingering, can paralyze individuals and make them unable to prevent drowning.

Remember To Lock The Cover

You should always remember to use a locking cover for your hot tub. They’re a must for any hot tub owner. It prevents children from entering it without supervision, saves energy, and keeps debris and other such filth out. The best covers have locks already installed, and you should make sure to lock it after every use or cleaning.

Clean The Hot Tub!

Which brings us to the final tip, keep it clean. Prevent bacteria and algae growth by maintaining its clean-water, and keeping the chemicals balanced at all times. Also, don’t use bleach when you clean, you’ll ruin the interior and the cover.

So there you have it. Some tips on keeping your hot tub in good condition, and keeping those that use it safe. You want to make sure you protect your investment and yourself and your family.

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