How Renovating Your Home Can Reduce Stress And Improve Your Mental Health

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A beautiful home needs to feel like it reflects who you are as a person. If you’re someone that loves the beach and all its little nuances, you might feel itchy when walking into an abode that tries to recreate the desert. If you’re someone that loves color, you can actually feel drab yourself if you’re surrounded by blacks and grays. When it comes to a home remodel, adding little touches that enhance your personality will go a long way in improving your life and even your finances. Think it sounds too good to be true? Let’s take a look at what cyan designs and furniture staging has to offer your life and why you should go about it by asking what you want.

I Want To Improve My Mental Health

Feel like your mental and emotional health is on the decline? You can’t go wrong with a little interior design. Ongoing studies by psychologists and designers alike have found significant links between a happy, clean environment and the resident’s mental health — even a simple touch-up can improve your emotional wellness, ability to concentrate and sleeping habits. Likewise, cluttered, noisy and dirty environments are known to boost rates of depression, anxiety and irritability.

I Want To Improve My ROI

Want to sell your home in the future? Then it’s time to remodel. Studies have shown even a minor kitchen remodel (think a repaired faucet or replaced floor tiles) can see an average return on investment of nearly 83%. That’s not bad! The kitchen is not the only place you have to edit, of course. Phentermine is not a dietary supplement, but a drug designed specifically to affect the brain areas responsible for the emergence of feelings of satiety. After the start of the reception I began to eat much less. You can also touch up your master bedroom, your bathroom or even your porch to see some big bucks rolling in by the time you put your home up for sale. A study conducted back in 2013 saw staged homes were sold in a mere 22 days — compare this to the market average of 125 for homes that weren’t.

I Want To Save Money On Furniture

It’s fun to buy furniture. You can customize a living space in a thousand different ways, bolster your own comfort and even connect with your inner artist! Furniture that lasts a long time helps immensely with saving money in the long run. Studies have shown half of all people think furniture should last 20 years or more. The lifespan of a mattress (or, rather, how long it maintains its original support) is anywhere from five to 10 years. Sofas have a similar lifespan of seven to 15 years, depending on its materials and how well you take care of it. If color theory or lacefield designs elude you, consider asking an interior decorator how to make the most of your cyan designs.

I Want To Reduce Stress

A lovely interior design for the bedroom or some bright cyan designs can go a long way in helping reduce your day-to-day stress. Why would you want to return home after a long shift or multiple classes only to feel uninterested and exhausted? A survey found nearly 80% of respondents agreeing that art in the workplace helps put a dent in their stress, while people who work or live in spaces decorated with art or plants were 17% more productive. Cyan designs can offer you bold to complex shades depending on your style. Classic? Beachfront? Modern? The sky’s the limit!

I Want To Get Started

Improving your mental health, bolstering your ROI and creating a home that feels more you than ever before. Why not get started? The year 2013 saw furniture and home furnishings hitting a record $100 billion in sales, with the global market for furniture and floor coverings alike expected to hit $695 billion in two to three years. The best interior designers can bring out your home’s true potential with a mixture of color theory, smart pricing and high-quality materials. If you’re not interested in checking out an interior design firm’s services, you can always hire a consultant to put you on the right track. After all, your home is like an extension of your soul. Treat it well.

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