Does Your Home Use a UV Purification System?

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What is the most important thing that you should be able to provide for yourself and for your family? There are likely a number of factors that spring to mind, but it all boils down to one essential thing that cannot be forsaken. Your right to a clean and plentiful source of water is a basic one. The sad fact of the matter is that some politicians and those in power have shown that they operate from a different understanding, that it is not necessarily an essential factor or basic human right. We see this exemplified not only in poor African villages, but on our own soil as well, from the Flint water crisis to the fight to protect the water at Standing Rock.

There are certainly major issues to address, and major leaps to be made in ensuring that every person on this planet has their basic rights taken care of. But we can start with small steps, such as learning about our own water filtration and supply systems, in order to eventually take that knowledge and be able to apply it where it really matters.

What is a UV purification system?

Our species has come quite a long ways from the days of hauling buckets from wells, though that technique has not completely died out. When it comes to home water systems, there are many different kinds, and when you are installing one in your new home, or upgrading during a remodel, it is a good idea to find out about all of the different types and see what fits best for you and your lifestyle. UV purification systems have risen in popularity when it comes to whole home water purification systems, though they can also be used for point of use filtration as well. UV purification systems are often considered among the best whole home water filtration systems, using ultraviolet light to rid water of dangerous microorganisms.

The system is both incredibly effective and efficient, conserving water and eliminating 99.9% of those dangerous microorganisms that could lead to diseases such as dysentery, cholera, and meningitis.

Water usage in today’s modern society

Every day, the average household will use around 350 gallons of water. There is certainly room for improvement there, for both the personal financial benefit as well as environmental reasons. But considering that high number, you absolutely want to ensure that all of that water is being properly filtered. Consider the fact that around 900,000 individuals are struck with contaminated water sicknesses and issues each and every year. This is not quite a surprise, when you realize that there are over 2,1000 known contaminants that could be in the tap water that people use to drink. This even includes substances that are known poisons.

Safe and accessible drinking water is crucial. Protecting accessible, clean water and every person’s right to it is something that needs to be on everyone’s agenda.

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