Three Ways a Golden Gark Rake Can Make It Easier to Start and Maintain a Garden

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When it comes to starting, and maintaining a garden, a lot of homeowners find that they need several garden tools to help them do the job. Since there are over 15 million people in the United States that handle and take care of their own lawns and gardens., many individuals find a need for an investment in tools that will make work easier. But what if there was one tool that could handle all of these features at one time? The Golden Gark Rake can do anything that would put that three or more tools would be required for. As the name implies, it can be used as a rake to clear away or groom any yard or garden. It also functions as a shovel, and can be used in maintaining topsoil. Here are three ways that the Golden Gark rake can make work easier for any gardener, or anyone who wants to take care of their home.

It Functions as a Regular Shovel, And Can be Used for Metal Detection

Homeowners who maintain the value of their home by taking care of the lawn, can see an increase in property value over 10%. Because of this, they often spend their time digging up shrubs, weeds, and other types of brush that clutter up the lawn. By using the Gark Rake, they have a tool that doubles as a shovel. But it also adds another component that most shovels don’t have in that it is a metal detecting shovel. It can alert homeowners if and when they are digging near metal. This can be helpful in ensuring they avoid digging pipes and other things they might not want to accidentally hit or touch. Home owners can also enjoy the benefits of only having to use one tool. That means when they load up their wheelbarrow, they?re only using one tool, or maybe two at most. This can make gardening more enjoyable, since there is less to haul around.

Raking is Made Easier with This Rake Shovel Combination

In North America alone, there are over a thousand different types of weeds that grow in any given location. Homeowners are faced with the challenge of maintaining their yard and keeping it well groomed. Having a shovel rake combo makes it easier for individuals to rake up weeds, and shovel the roots out of the ground. This goes a long way in preventing weeds from growing any further, thereby preserving the beauty of the yard. Individuals can enjoy yard tools that do double duty, allowing them to achieve their yard work in a quicker amount of time.

The Gark Rake Can be Used as a Soil Sieve, Saving Time on Separating Soil

In any given region, homeowners might have soil that is compromised of different types. For example, there could be clay soil mixed with rich soil, such as humus. The golden gark rake has a third function as a soil sieve. This is helpful for individuals who need to separate out the healthy soil from soil that does not allow plants to grow and thrive to their full potential. With a combination of these yard tools, homeowners can rake away dead grass, dig a hole for flowers or other plants, and sift through unhealthy soil, only putting back what is most beneficial for their plants and yard. This goes a long way in the difference between a yard that is beautiful and encourages growth instead of one that does not.

There are many reasons why homeowners would find the golden gark rake helpful to have in their personal landscaping. It can be used as a shovel, allowing individuals to dig up holes, with the added benefit of being metal detecting digging tools. It has the functionality of a rake, making it easy to clear away dead leaves and grass before digging. Finally, it can be used to sort soil. This makes it a three-in-one tool that cuts down on other separate items the homeowner would otherwise have to buy. Overall this means less items to store, and fewer things to move out into the yard, as the individual begins the landscaping process.

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