Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Put Off Fixing Your Refrigerator Or Dishwasher

Refrigerator repairs

There’s no reason to struggle with a lackluster refrigerator or struggling oven throughout the week. When you want to just make something nice for dinner and go to bed, the last thing you need is double-checking the tenuous temperature of your fridge or wondering if your washing machine will, of all times, finally start working now. Refrigerator repairs and related check-up services can be done in just a day, pinpointing everything from simple to severe problems in a bid to get you back to what you do best. Even better? You can end up saving more money after doing a repair. Let’s take a look.


We love our dishwashers. Who doesn’t like coming home after a long day and having their dishes clean and ready to go? Unfortunately, many Americans find themselves grinding their teeth over a dishwasher that doesn’t work or does a lackluster job. Studies have shown 20% of dishwashers will break after three or four years, with 25% of front-loading washing machines breaking after three to four years, as well.


A lackluster (or worse, bad) refrigerator needs to be touched up with refrigerator repairs as soon as possible. When the temperature is off or inconsistent, you risk putting all your food in the trash when it either freezes or isn’t properly sustained. Your refrigerator should last at least 13 years before you have to replace it, so if it’s relatively young it might just be a minor issue that’s been overlooked for too long. The year 2014 saw the average cost to repair an appliance between $254 and $275.

Washers And Dryers

We’re not done yet! Your electric or gas dryer should last anywhere from 12 to 14 years before it’s replaced. If it’s not functioning like it should, reaching out to an appliance repair service can save you both money and a major headache. This isn’t the same for washers, however — a washing machine usually only lasts 10 years due to its slightly more complex set-up. A front-loading washing machine, in particular, will last for nine years on average. If you notice any strange noises from your machine or if it just takes too long to complete a washing or drying task, you might have a repair job on your hands.

Additional Tips

Due to the complexity of the hardware on hand, a lot can go wrong seemingly overnight. Nearly 30% of refrigerators with either top or bottom freezers with icemakers break in just three to four years, followed very closely by side-by-side refrigerator and freezer models. While very minor issues can be fixed by hand, it’s recommended you seek out a professional if nothing changes — service can be done very quickly, lasting you for years on end.

Calling For Refrigerator Repairs

Tired of a refrigerator that doesn’t stay cold or a washing machine that takes forever to clear up a single load? Pull up your phone book and look into local repair. Washing machine repairs are a hefty task, but can easily save you a notable amount of money on your energy bill by reducing the amount of water and electricity wasted every time you wash a load of clothes — studies have shown a significant portion of the American water bill goes straight to the washer and dryer, followed right behind faucet and toilet usage. You can imagine this goes for dishwashers, too! With dryer repair and oven repairs on your side, you can get back to your daily schedule without an unnecessary care in the world.

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