Achieving a High End Looking Remodel on a Budget

Mosaic tile patterns

Some housing trends look beautiful, but are extremely expensive. Having a limited house remodel budget does not mean that you have to sacrifice style. With the right amount of preparation and design, you can have the house style that you always dreamed about, without having to deplete your bank accounts. The following home remodeling tips can save you money, time, and the headache of a full home remodel. You can also increase the overall value of your house, without having to take out an additional loan to do it.

Alternate flooring options
The popular choice of flooring today tends to be hardwood floors and floor ceramic tiles. Authentic ceramic tile flooring can get very expensive, especially if you have a large kitchen or bathroom area. It can also be difficult to repair and keep clean, requiring special cleaning materials. Fortunately, many flooring options also come in hardwood or floor tile looks. Some are so close that you cannot even tell the difference without closer examination.

Many of these flooring options can save you multiple dollars per square footage, equaling hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in cost savings. Peel and stick tiles, which can even closely resemble mosaic tile patterns can be used in bathroom, kitchens, living areas, bedrooms, and even basements. With bathroom returning an average of 86.4% ROI, new imitation mosaic tile patterns can update the look of the bathroom on a budget.

Faux countertops
Kitchen and bathroom countertops are another material that can get quite expensive. The cost of a professionally installed granite countertop can sometimes cost more than the rest of the entire kitchen remodel. Also, unless you live in a very high income housing area, you are unlikely to recoup much of the higher countertop value.

Instead, consider more durable countertops that can be stronger than higher grade materials. They will also be cheaper to repair if any damages occur. The design of the counter tops tend to matter more, with potential home buyers viewing the entire look and layout of the kitchen remodel, rather than the individual materials used. A minor kitchen remodel has an average return on investment (ROI) of 82.7%.

Another aspect of the house that many buyers and visitors notice is the walls. Open floor plans tend to be most desired in today?s housing markets. Neutral colors tend to work best on walls, as it allows home buyers to imagine themselves living there easier. Neutral colors also tend to reduce stress in the house. For a level of individuality, homeowners can choose to add mosaic tile patterns to one wall, also known as an accent wall.

Accent walls have actually become very popular over the last decade. They are also more affordable, because they tend to only cover one wall in a room. Even kitchens may incorporate the accent wall look by using backsplash tile on one way, usually the one directly behind the biggest counter space. A kitchen backsplash can really tie a room together and make the entire kitchen space appear more updated and modern.


Do it yourself projects, or DIY for short, is one of the best ways to reduce costs of your house or room remodel. This is especially true if you prefer to use authentic or high end materials. A large percentage of the costs of any construction job are the labor costs. If you are able to complete many of these tasks on your own, you can significantly decrease the overall cost of your remodel. Installing things like mosaic tile patterns can often be completed by watching tutorial videos.

It is important to note that one of the biggest mistakes of DIY projects is inaccurate measurements. Remember, one square foot comprises eight 3 by 6 inch subway tiles. Measure your project space, round that number to the next highest square foot, then add 10 to 15% to cover waste, cuts, and breakage.

Home remodel projects are important in keeping houses up to date and in raising the property value. It is possible to complete home remodel projects without spending thousands of dollars and sticking to a budget. Keep these budget friendly home remodel tips in mind when planning your next room remodel for the best ROI.

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