Create a Welcoming Outdoor Space with Landscape Lighting

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There are a variety of lighting options for your outdoor living spaces. Custom lighting can illuminate a specific area, such as an ornate garden, patio, or pool. A residential lighting designer will be able to show you how the lights themselves can serve as a beautiful focal feature. Exterior lighting is can also provide you with additional security.

When consulting with an architectural lighting design firm, they may recommend LED lights for your exterior spaces. One of the welcome design features of LED lights is that they are available in different colors, each with their own unique ambiance:

    Warn-yellow light
    Whiter light
    Bluer-white light

There are a number of design possibilities when using LED lights to add to a unique outdoor living space. While a residential lighting designer will be able to explain these to you in detail, it’s also important to note that LED lights are more energy-efficient.

When compared to standard halogen lights, LED lights only use 15% of the energy. They also provide 85% more light, and 90% less heat than a traditional halogen light. According to the Department of Energy, 22% of the United States’ electricity is used for lighting, and roughly ten percent is for outdoor lighting. LED lighting is a smart choice for energy-conscious homeowners.

Another benefit of having custom lighting designed is that you can set your lights to go on at a specific time. When you return home after dark or when you’re entertaining family or friends, this can be a welcome option. You can also adjust LED light levels and dim them when you would prefer more subtle lighting.

If you’re focused on beautifying your outdoor spaces to create an inviting environment to relax or entertain, you may be interested to know that other homeowners are doing so as well. Over half of these homeowners are spending six or more hours in their outdoor living areas every week. In addition to just relaxing and gardening, they are also enjoying guests.

When you landscape your outdoor spaces, were you aware that this can potentially increase your home’s resale value by 14%? Whether you’re planning to enjoy your landscaping for decades to come or are thinking about selling, this is an important investment. Almost 90% of real estate agents will tell their clients that it’s a good idea to landscape if they would like to sell their property.

While 64% of homeowners may be upgrading their backyards, front and side yards are also good choices for upgrades. If you’re thinking about upgrading all of your home’s exterior areas, a residential lighting designer will be able to provide you with a variety of creative solutions.

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