Are You a First Time Home Buyer?

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A dream job in a dream location. Now if you could just find a way to locate a dream house in your price range.
You joined the staff of your new church in August as the Director of Youth and Family Ministry. After being born and raised a hundred miles to the east where you were an active member of your parents home congregation throughout high school, you eventually figured out which side of the Missouri River was better and graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where you enjoyed cheering on the Husker football team. After graduating in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Religious Studies. Although you started your his college career in Mechanical Engineering, the call to youth ministry in 2008 was very strong and you accepted your first ministry position as a Youth Ministry Intern at your home congregation. Several amazing opportunities later, you find yourself in an excellent new job, but you and your wife, as well as your basset hound, are tripping over each other in a small two bedroom apartment.
You never quite reached the point of buying a home in your previous location, but with the interest rates still at a record low, both you and your wife are anxious to buy a home and settle down in this new setting. Like any first time home buyers, the lure of renting a home or apartment has faded and you are anxious to find a house that will give you more room, new neighbors, and an opportunity to invest in your future. The fact that you have an engineering background means that you are looking very closely at some things that most young couples buying a home often ignore: the structure and integrity of the home, the landscaping of the home and how it avoids the possibility of problems like foundation damaging water, and the architectural appeal of the home.
You have a long list of things that you are looking for, but both you and your wife hope that the process of buying a home can get you settled in your new place before Christmas.
Realtors Make Great Resources for First Time Home Buyers
IT might initially be a temptation to begin the home search on your own. The thought of purchasing a home without paying the realtor fees can seem like a bargain at first. It is important to remember, however, that any seller looking to sell a home without a realtor is also looking at avoiding those fees. In fact, they may actually be avoiding a realtor in an effort to stretch the limit for what their home is actually worth. In reality, the majority of both buyers and sellers look at realtors as valuable resources in their efforts toward selling and buying a home. Consider these tips that many first time home buyers, working with local realtors, recommend:

  • Location, location, location. Although there are many things that factor into the perfect location for buying a home, a local realtor can often steer buyers in the correct direction. Four instance young couples with children likely want to look at homes in the neighborhood of strong school districts. Older couple who are transferring for a job and no longer have to worry about schools will likely look at other factors. The location of the home, however, often is one of the first factors that many buyers consider.
  • Price range. It goes without saying that almost all homebuyers will need to get financing. For this reason it is essential that buyers understand the price range that they are willing to look at. Getting preapproved for a home loan, in fact, can make you more attractive buyer to many sellers. In many cases, mortgage companies what couples to be able to put down as much as 15% to 20% of the total loan. Starting with this kind of equity is an advantage to buyers who are entering a contract that will involve thousands of dollars.
  • Home inspections. Nothing is more frightening than buying a home and them find out that every month you are having to spend large amounts on money fixing problems that you wish you would have noticed before you bought the house. Certified home inspections can help avoid this expensive mistake.

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