Don’t Feel the Heat Central Air Conditioner Maintanence

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Air conditioning — and other such forms of home temperature control — have become massive parts of our everyday lives. It is a market that’s grown immensely in the past few decades, becoming both easier to use and cheaper to own. An in-window air conditioning unit in the 1940s cost about $350, which today equals about $3,500. Herbert Hoover, the first President of the United States to enjoy an air conditioned Oval Office, spent $30,000 on the system in 1929.
Central air conditioning is one of the more effective types of air conditioning available, as it can easily heat or cool an entire home. However, central air conditioning installation is a tricky process and can lead to several air conditioning problems if not done right. If the central air conditioning installation is not completed properly, the heating and cooling efficiency of your home can decrease by as much as 30%.
Maintenance is a large issue affecting many homeowners as well. Not properly maintaining your heating and air unit can cause it to suddenly break down, leading to a costly and time-consuming replacement process. Air conditioning units only last between 10 and 15 years, so it is important to have an “air conditioning maintenance checklist” to follow.
Maintenance steps can vary from unit to unit and brand to brand, but there are some general rules to follow:

  • Keep the air conditioning unit free of leaves, grass, and other plants. Two or three feet is generally a good amount of space to have around your outdoor unit.
  • Every 90 days or so, it is important to replace the air filter, or the air being pumped into your home may be filled with pollen or other substances that may cause an allergic reaction.
  • About once a year, check to make sure that your unit is on firm ground and that it remains level. Some settling is to be expected and can be remedied with a simple block of wood, but anything drastic should be looked at by professionals to keep the unit working well into the season. If you have any concerns about the placement of your unit, talk to the team in charge of the central air conditioning installation.

Having proper air conditioning is integral to a happy and comfortable life. Nothing is worse than being hit with a heatwave and having a malfunctioning air conditioning unit, so be sure to correctly and responsibly maintain it.

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