How the Internet Challenges Home Sellers to Up the Ante

Siding for homes

Many home buyers utilize the world wide web to browse homes in their area. This means that potential buyers are able to view a much wider selection of homes in their area in faster ways than ever before — this coincidentally means that buyers are pickier than ever before thanks to the options available on the net. While interior projects can promise significant return-on-investment opportunities for home sellers, up to 88% of homeowners see the exterior as their home as one homogenous entity instead of the sum of separate components that it actually is. Homeowners tend to spend an average of one to four percent of a home’s value on maintenance and repairs: here are some projects focused on the exterior of a home that can promise a higher return-on-investment by increasing the curb-appeal of any home.


There are a variety of fences available to suit any home from wooden privacy fences to chain-link fences. Estimates from building and zoning departments around the country suggest that a majority of fence installations are for wooden privacy fences intended to beautify a home while simultaneously keeping prying eyes away from backyards. Many new home buyers eagerly look for such fences as it is an invitation to utilize outdoor space — home sellers ought to ask themselves if they are advertising a property or a house and which of the two are homebuyers really looking for.

Patios and Decks

Along the same train of thought as fencing comes decks and patios. Home owners typically use such features to extend their home; this seamlessly blends the comfort of a home with the splendor of nature. Multi-bedroom houses are ideal for growing families; these homes could potentially gain the most from installing or updating a patio or deck, especially if there is a backyard pool, gazebo, or other feature for entertainment in the backyard. While a patio or deck may not be practical for every home, those with an under-utilized backyard or a view too good to miss could benefit the most from such a home investment.


Perhaps the most frequently ignored exterior component of every house, roofs contribute more to a home than what function would suggest. There are a number of residential and commercial roof types available to home owners: asphalt shingles, stone, metal, even wood shingles provide different benefits. Homeowners would be wise to consider their climate before settling on any one of the many residential or commercial roof types. Those commercial roof types that offer little to no maintenance are favored by 72% of Americans looking to update their home or business. Although asphalt was the defacto choice for roofing for some time in the United States, new commercial roof types using 56% recycled steel is more durable and attractive to asphalt — such roofs can come in a myriad of colors and styles to compliment any home exterior.

Doors and Windows

Exterior home design is at its most effective when it blends function with aesthetics. Today’s home buyers are looking for a home that requires as little maintenance as possible — unfortunately for home sellers, this typically requires an investment on their part. Windows are notorious for heating and cooling energy loss; replacing outdated windows with energy-efficient alternatives could help cut down on energy loss and act as a selling-point for any home. Security has become another priority as home invasions continue to plague the nation. Replacing doors and windows with high-impact alternatives could boast a long-term return-on-investment of 78% to 98%. Whether going for function or style, homeowners should envision what their home ought to be and take proactive steps in transforming their house into some family’s home.

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