Easing Those Fears With an Automatic Electric Stove Shut Off

Stove fire

Have you ever been away from the home when suddenly, you wondered if you remembered to turn off the stove after using it? Or have you ever worried about your elderly parent or young child in the home; turning on the stove and then forgetting to turn it off? This is a common worry, and it is a justified one. A stove that is left on can cause many harmful consequences, including a stove fire. How can you ensure that you are able to prevent kitchen fires, even at the busiest of times? An electric stove shut off is an automatic shut off on the stove. It senses when the user is finished cooking, and it automatically shuts itself off, leaving less worry and anxiety to the owner.

Nearly one third (29%) of consumers reported that they have intentionally disable smoke alarms while cooking. Sometimes, the smoke alarms can be rather touchy and will go off when there is minimal smoke, causing them to continue going off. Out of annoyance, some homeowners may shut them off; forgetting to turn them back on. Obviously a smoke detector in or near the kitchen is extremely important in warning others of a kitchen fire. A smart stove makes the kitchen fire detector less important by reducing the chance of a kitchen fire. An electric stove shut off almost completely prevents the chance of any kitchen fire from happening.

In 2013, Thanksgiving was the peak day for home cooking fire, followed by Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. There were 230% more fires on Thanksgiving in 2013 than any of the other days of the year. People are often so busy at the holidays with entertaining and serving so many dishes that they may forget to turn off the stove. More than half (56%) of surveyed consumers said they plan to cook for family or friends during the holidays this year ? with 42% of those cooking for groups of 11 or more. They may even forget dishes that are in the stove, increasing the chances of a kitchen fire. An auto stove shut-off allows entertainers to entertain their guests without worrying about remembering to turn off the stove. The electric stove shut off is perfect for those who are extremely busy on the holidays.

The automatic stove shut off solution
is a great idea for those who constantly worry about leaving their stove on. It is also great for people who do a lot of entertaining in their home. Finally, the smart stove can be a great solution for those with young and teenaged children and elderly in their homes, who may forget easier to turn off the stove after use.

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